It’s Valentine’s Day. Do Your Employees Know You Love Them?

3 ways you could be failing at corporate culture


Valentine’s Day is a great time to recognize those you love.  It always feels good to know someone is a happier person because you are in their life.  Your employees included. Of course, if you live wretchedly the other 364 days a year, one special Valentine treat will not make up for it.  It’s the […]

Because Sometimes You Just Need Some Motivation…

An article, a video, and a quote to inspire you

Life is challenging.  Sometimes we need a fresh dose of inspiration and motivation to keep us going.  A few moments spent inspiring yourself can recharge you for the challenges that lie ahead. That’s the purpose of this article.  Infusing some fresh motivation into your week. A motivating article This article from Inc. is just at […]

How To Land a Job in the City of Your Choice

Making the Transition


You know where you want to live, now you need to land a job there.  There are many reasons a city may call to you; family, climate, culture or just an overall appeal.  How do you go about getting a job in the city of your choice? Guest writer Dan Calonge offers his personal experience […]

One Hot Rule for Becoming a More Dynamic Leader

Take action.

What can make you a more dynamic leader in 2017?  As leaders we are always striving to improve.  We’re not happy with the status quo.  We are always seeking a better way to operate, to motivate, to lead. As we reflect on 2016 it’s wise to ask ourselves, “what can I do better in 2017?”  […]

Clarity Makes a Vision Reality


Strategic Planning season is coming to a close.  You’ve talked about your organization’s purpose–it’s reason for being. You’ve kicked around your mission statement, or how you will get from point A to point B.  Most importantly, you have dreamed, and continue to dream, about your organizational vision–what you hope to be in the future.  You’ve […]

PDi Communication Systems Expands Management Team

Leading maker of healthcare entertainment solutions adds 3

PDi Communication Systems, a privately held leader in advanced entertainment solutions for the healthcare market, has made three additions to the their management team: Kim Bacovin, Director of Human Resources; Tobi White, Director of Supply Chain; and David Gifford, Quality Manager. All three are members of the company’s executive leadership team, reporting directly to PDi […]

Leadership Rewards of Community Involvement

Giving Back to the Community is a Win for All

Community is a Win for All

Serving charitably is one of Centennial’s core values.  It’s not just something you’ll find in our value statement, it’s something we take seriously.  It’s not just a mantra, it’s a way of business.  Giving back to the community has countless benefits for you both personally and professionally. Community Involvement Drives Healthy Communities and Likable Leaders […]

Watson’s Names Sean Ryder as its New Vice President of Operations

Leading recreational products and furnishing retailer

Sean Ryder

Watson’s, one of the nation’s leading recreational products and furnishing retailers, has selected Sean Ryder as its new Vice President of Operations. This critical position was created to support Watson’s exponential business growth, increasing online presence, and expansion plans. Watson’s plans to continue delivering their exceptional service to consumers while further expanding their brand’s reach. […]

Three, All-Too-Common Hiring Process Disasters

3 Hiring Disasters to Avoid

3 Hiring Disasters to Avoid

Imagine with me that your organization needs to hire a top, key leader. You are eager to get the position filled so you dive right in only to find yourself lost in one of these choose-your-own adventure disasters: 3 Hiring Disasters to Avoid You spend weeks evaluating resumes, aligning schedules and conducting interviews with candidates […]

Applying Talent Strategy Across the Globe

Global Challenges = Opportunity

global economy

Centennial is proud to call Cincinnati, OH home.  It’s a vibrant city with great experiences around every corner.  Although we love our “neck of the woods,” our business reach extends far beyond our city, far beyond the Midwest– and the borders of our country. Since our inception in 1975, Centennial has been passionate about serving our clients with excellence.  […]