Who Influences Your Leadership?

Who influences you must be a thoughtful decision.

Sharpening the saw is a critically important aspect of leadership. I find it critically important to read positive, proactive, insightful and energy giving material. It is true, both professionally and personally, for me. “We are what we read, what we listen to and who we associate with.” Who influences you must be a thoughtful decision. I trust you will find the influencers […]

Centennial’s 2016 By The Numbers

Here’s a "numerical snapshot" of our year

Empowering organizations to plan, hire, retain, and grow is what Centennial does best. We’ve been reflecting on how we accomplished that in 2016 and how we plan to best serve our client organizations in 2017. Centennial:  2016 by the numbers Here’s a snapshot of our 2016 by the numbers: Ownership: 64% of our clients were privately […]

10 Characteristics of Promotable Employees

Promoting employees can be an important talent retention tool

promoting employees

Promoting employees can be an important talent retention tool and is a great way to reward excellence. Promoting from within sends a message to all employees: that hard work is recognized; that organization loyalty is valued; and that the organization sees current employees as crucial to future success. If the wrong person is promoted, however, […]

Responsible Leaders Take Gratefulness Seriously

Fix Your Focus:

Responsible Leaders Take Gratefulness Seriously

Abraham Lincoln is credited with saying “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Do you think that is true? Are leaders in charge of their own happiness? A spirit of gratefulness will change your life. I believe your mindset has a significant influence on your job satisfaction and […]

Finish the Year Strong!

Read the leadership and talent insights below to start changing your trajectory.

We want to help you finish the year strong. Our goal is to provide you with the leadership and talent insights that will help you “win.” We sit down with executives who too often share that, “talent and the right leadership is the greatest challenge– and it’s holding us back from reaching our full potential.” […]

Is Fear the Skeleton in Your Closet?

Want Improvement? Embrace Change.

Want Improvement? Embrace Change.

It’s that time of year when “scared” is normal. A big, hairy 6 foot spider dangling from a neighbor’s rooftop would seemingly provoke a scream from a startled passerby, but at Halloween, it’s simply part of the landscape. When all of the caution tape and spider webs are packed away, what is it that still […]

3 Must-Haves for Extraordinary Corporate Culture

Employees Give Their Best to an Organization They Can Trust

Culture Is Brand

I want to build further on my colleague Julie Warden’s post on corporate culture from last week.  As Julie shared, extraordinary corporate culture can revolutionize your company.  We all want to ‘wow’ our customers by exceeding their expectations. The company with the best customer service is usually the industry leader.  What if we maintained the […]

5 Traits of Good Business Sportsmanship

Being the Best Doesn't Make You a Winner

Being the Best Doesn’t Make You a Winner I love watching sporting events with my kids, but as my kids have gotten older and more perceptive, I’ve become more and more disgusted by poor sportsmanship.  I want my three kids to see good role models that not only perform well on the field, but off […]

Team Chemistry Among New York’s Bravest

Earlier this year leadership team members at Centennial were able to see, first-hand, how team chemistry is built among New York’s Bravest – @FDNY. Our team attended a leadership conference in New York City and on the last day of our trip we traveled across the city to experience the 9/11 Memorial. It was the same morning all 310 […]