On Business Suits & Family Business

Special Care Required for Both

Just like many business men and women, a suit is a regular part of my wardrobe. There’s a lot I get accomplished while wearing a suit. However, there’s also a lot I know I shouldn’t attempt while wearing a suit, such as mowing the yard. It’s no secret that you need to exercise caution while […]

The Critical Factor in Succession That No One Thinks About

One leader's journey and adventure - Part 3


There are many factors that contribute to the ongoing success of your organization, but there is a big one that is often pushed off until it’s too late.  To ensure sustainability, you need to take a hard look at what happens to your organization when you’re no longer there. You need to continually think about […]

The Critical Factor in Succession That No One Thinks About

One leader's journey and adventure - Part 2

For the continued success of your organization, you need to start thinking about a topic most executives don’t want to think about: succession.  It’s a critical factor in survival and sustainability but it also comes with a lot of fear.  Fear of letting go.  Fear of losing your identity. Fear of change. At age 57 […]

The Critical Factor in Succession That No One Thinks About

One leader's journey and adventure - Part 1

Senior executives pour their lives into the success of their organization.  It’s so much a part of their identity that they can’t imagine life without it. The challenges. The goals. The new pursuits.  However, retirement sounds pretty sweet too. These 2 streams of thought – 1) pressing forward in business, and 2) retirement – are […]

Employee Engagement Yields Success

The Buzz About "Employee Engagement"

The Buzz About "Employee Engagement"

Centennial is passionate about recruiting.  I, personally, have been doing it for over 40 years and I haven’t tired of it yet. Nonetheless, there’s another topic I feel equally passionate about: retention. Recruiting excellent leaders is only part of the equation.  Retaining those leaders is the other vital component. Keeping and developing your team members […]

Conflict: An Unwelcome Guest at the Table?

“The most wonderful” time of the year is upon us!  Food! Gifts! Carols! Conflict?  Families that work together will soon gather ‘round holiday tables. Requests like “Please pass the turkey” inevitably get sandwiched between the latest company news.  When this happens, productive, healthy conversation can ensue—or not. Conflict may arise, and the issue seems that […]

How to Utilize Your Business Advisors

How to Utilize Your Business Advisors Business advisors come in a multitude of forms: CPA’s, attorneys, financial advisors, bankers, investment bankers, roundtable members, board members, family business council, centers of influence, cultural coaches, executive coaches, leadership coaches and executive recruiters to name a few. I have been blessed over my career to have great advisors. […]

Are You Failing to Attract Great Candidates?

Six Ways to Fail at Attracting Great Candidates What is a GREAT candidate?  A great candidate is someone who will make a positive and significant impact on your organization’s goals and vision! The candidate will stand out in the interview process as someone the hiring team is excited to have join your company. Here are […]