Leadership Styles Can Cripple Culture

Insights from Guest Blogger Dustin DiChiara

Many books have been written connecting culture and excellent service, including from the world famous DeJulius Group, Mercedes, Nordstrom, and Starbucks.  But, there is an undeniable connection between what happens “behind the counter” and what happens in front of the counter. So, what’s the secret to great culture and outstanding customer experience? The most important […]

It’s Valentine’s Day. Do Your Employees Know You Love Them?

3 ways you could be failing at corporate culture


Valentine’s Day is a great time to recognize those you love.  It always feels good to know someone is a happier person because you are in their life.  Your employees included. Of course, if you live wretchedly the other 364 days a year, one special Valentine treat will not make up for it.  It’s the […]

“Retreat” to Be a Better Leader

Last week, our Centennial team took a “time out” for a corporate retreat. Getting 16 super energized colleagues to slow down was no easy feat. Calendars had to align. A retreat site had to be determined. Flights to and from NYC had to be coordinated for those traveling from our Manhattan office. An agenda had […]

3 Must-Haves for Extraordinary Corporate Culture

Employees Give Their Best to an Organization They Can Trust

Culture Is Brand

I want to build further on my colleague Julie Warden’s post on corporate culture from last week.  As Julie shared, extraordinary corporate culture can revolutionize your company.  We all want to ‘wow’ our customers by exceeding their expectations. The company with the best customer service is usually the industry leader.  What if we maintained the […]

Corporate Culture: Why It is Crucial

4 Components of a Healthy Culture

Why is everyone (just now) talking about corporate culture? It seems to be the latest buzz word among the big search firms. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t hear about it or see it in an article. “Corporate culture” has been a hot topic here at Centennial since 1975. In fact, 4 decades […]

5 Traits of Good Business Sportsmanship

Being the Best Doesn't Make You a Winner

Being the Best Doesn’t Make You a Winner I love watching sporting events with my kids, but as my kids have gotten older and more perceptive, I’ve become more and more disgusted by poor sportsmanship.  I want my three kids to see good role models that not only perform well on the field, but off […]

Team Chemistry Among New York’s Bravest

Earlier this year leadership team members at Centennial were able to see, first-hand, how team chemistry is built among New York’s Bravest – @FDNY. Our team attended a leadership conference in New York City and on the last day of our trip we traveled across the city to experience the 9/11 Memorial. It was the same morning all 310 […]

Team Chemistry: That Elusive, Crucial, Necessary “Spark”

One of the best parts of working at Centennial is our wonderful internship program.  I am always amazed by these shining stars.  They are on the cutting edge of research and frequently have refreshing, valuable, unbiased insights since it is early in their careers. We learn so much from them in our short time together. Christiana Fasola was […]

Employee Engagement Yields Success

The Buzz About "Employee Engagement"

The Buzz About "Employee Engagement"

Centennial is passionate about recruiting.  I, personally, have been doing it for over 40 years and I haven’t tired of it yet. Nonetheless, there’s another topic I feel equally passionate about: retention. Recruiting excellent leaders is only part of the equation.  Retaining those leaders is the other vital component. Keeping and developing your team members […]

Three Things Millennials Want From Management

2016 is upon us, and executives are evaluating talent gaps on their teams and the subsequent hiring decisions that will be necessary. In searching for new talent, a fresh crop of millennials is likely to spring up in company’s applicant pools.  They’re bright! They’re creative!  They’re current—but frequently disengaged (insert frowny face emoji here.) This generation of workers is […]