Boosting Your EQ is a Boost to Your Career

Practical steps to raising your emotional intelligence

IQ + EQ = Success

There is a clear link between job performance and emotional intelligence.  Last month we took a look at 9 Habits exhibited by people with a high emotional quotient (EQ). As a leader, it’s important to be able to identify high EQ when you’re hiring for a critical position. However, as a leader, you want to […]

IQ or EQ; Which is More Critical to your Job Performance?

emotional intelligence

Evidence continues to support high “EQ,” or emotional quotient, as a predictor of strong leadership. Unfortunately, a high emotional quotient, also called emotional intelligence, is harder to spot than a high IQ.  If your organization seeks strong leaders, it’s important to educate yourself on identifying high emotional intelligence. Before you question my own IQ, I should say upfront that […]

Satisfactory Customer Service Isn’t Enough

You Must Create a "Wow Experience" at Every Step

Awesome customer Service

We all want to “wow” our customers.  The “wow” is what transforms “ordinary customers” into “extraordinary customers”—who are loyal to your organization and become ambassadors for it.  And, face it: Satisfactory customer service will not elevate or enhance your customer relationships. Satisfactory customer service will not prompt your customers to sing your praises.  Satisfactory customer […]

One Hot Rule for Becoming a More Dynamic Leader

Take action.

What can make you a more dynamic leader in 2017?  As leaders we are always striving to improve.  We’re not happy with the status quo.  We are always seeking a better way to operate, to motivate, to lead. As we reflect on 2016 it’s wise to ask ourselves, “what can I do better in 2017?”  […]

Who Influences Your Leadership?

Who influences you must be a thoughtful decision.

Sharpening the saw is a critically important aspect of leadership. I find it critically important to read positive, proactive, insightful and energy giving material. It is true, both professionally and personally, for me. “We are what we read, what we listen to and who we associate with.” Who influences you must be a thoughtful decision. I trust you will find the influencers […]

10 Characteristics of Promotable Employees

Promoting employees can be an important talent retention tool

promoting employees

Promoting employees can be an important talent retention tool and is a great way to reward excellence. Promoting from within sends a message to all employees: that hard work is recognized; that organization loyalty is valued; and that the organization sees current employees as crucial to future success. If the wrong person is promoted, however, […]

4 Keys to Leadership Development

I’ve learned a great deal about developing as a leader.

developing leaders

One of the professional development opportunities I have been fortunate to participate in is CORE Growth, a leadership development program for emerging leaders.  Our cohort includes five individuals with different job titles from various industries. What we have in common is each of our organizations sees us as an emerging leader. We have the potential […]

Leadership and Relationships – Can You Have One Without the Other?

10 Tips for Growing your Leadership

10 Tips for Growing your Leadership

Do you believe you can separate leadership and relationships? I spent several months studying the attributes of healthy relationships in the Bible, specifically Romans 12. Reading, reflecting, and analyzing the Scripture’s intentions and goals. There are so many great life lessons in these verses.  Great learnings for being a better leader. What I learned shouldn’t surprise you. We are not able to separate leadership […]

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Daily

What inspires you each day?

To lead well you must be bold, have passion and have purpose. In our business, we get to meet people who have all three of these leadership characteristics and find that many have a mantra or philosophy for their leadership style and approach. One leader I especially admire is a VP of Manufacturing.  He is a […]

Lessons from Leadercast 2016

Leadercast 2016

  Leadercast 2016 came up again at our Centennial team lunch the other day. Leadercast made a profound impression on each of us–the day sticks with you long after it is over.  We each took a turn sharing our most memorable quote.  We’d like to share them with you too–along with snippets from the thought-provoking conversations that ensued. Lessons […]