Don’t Lose Sight of Your Core Purpose

Stay true to your core values

In your effort to keep your organization fresh and attractive, don’t forget what brought you success in the first place.  Don’t lose sight of your core purpose. Organizations are created to provide a solution to a need.  When someone develops a solution to a problem, organizations are born.  That initial vision is a great place […]

The Top Isn’t Necessarily “All That”

Opportunity Can Be Found in Life's Valleys

Centennial Talent Strategy

I recently attended the entrepreneurship conference, Unpolished, hosted at Crossroads Church. Crossroads’ pastor and author Brian Tome kicked off the conference with a story that is relevant for any leader running an organization.  Brian told the story of a vacation he and his wife took to Costa Rica. As they gathered suggestions for their trip, […]

6 Tips to Build Influence and Get Your Ideas Heard

Insights from speaker and leadership coach, Jennifer McClure

This week’s insights come from speaker and leadership coach, Jennifer McClure.  Centennial’s passion for hiring, developing, and retaining top talent fits perfectly with Jennifer’s passion.   Here’s a bit of wisdom from her years of experience. As a speaker and leadership coach, my passion and purpose in life is to help leaders to embrace the future […]

3 Leadership Lessons Learned from Breast Cancer

There's a lot to learn from a life-threatening disease

You are never the same after you hear the words, “you have cancer.”  As much as no one ever wants to hear those words, you can learn a lot from the battle. I’ve been diagnosed with cancer 3 times, the most recent being breast cancer in 2015. I can easily see 3 lessons that I […]

Servant Leader vs. Selfish Leader – and Why It Matters

How your motives affect your business


Leaders are driven to succeed.  It’s a necessary quality that moves society forward, that finds solutions to problems, and improves our quality of life.  However, as with anything, that drive can be too extreme and too self-focused.  That’s what we want to examine.  Who are you serving in your drive to succeed? Your Motives Determine […]

A “Spoonful of Stress” Helps the “Medicine” Go Down?

Be A Warrior, Not a Worrier

worrier or warrior

Mary Poppins was onto something when she melodically declared, “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”  Unfortunately, there’s a lot more stress available than sugar in the average day.  But fortunately, a “spoonful of stress” can also be quite motivating when you need to tackle a big job. It’s all a matter of […]

On Business Suits & Family Business

Special Care Required for Both

Just like many business men and women, a suit is a regular part of my wardrobe. There’s a lot I get accomplished while wearing a suit. However, there’s also a lot I know I shouldn’t attempt while wearing a suit, such as mowing the yard. It’s no secret that you need to exercise caution while […]

Swinging with the Pendulum Not Always Best

Beware of extremes in business

“Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”  This is a phrase you’ve probably heard, and likely said yourself.  This adage describes a pitfall I see too often in organizations: the harmful practice of tossing out something valuable in an effort to make improvements.  Extreme change without careful consideration. Following the Trends Too often a […]

Leadership Lessons from Military Heroes

Put These Two Books on Your Summer Reading List

In the past year I’ve read 2 biographies about military heroes and I can’t help but be overwhelmed by their dedication and perseverance.  These stories are so mind-blowing that it’s hard to believe they are true. Military personnel all over the world have lessons to teach us. Whether we work in the home or out […]

It’s Summer. Time to Work on Your Dream

Lessons on Vision and Legacy

How big can you dream?  I dare you to dream beyond what seems possible. Dream beyond your own lifetime. Dream a dream that is so enticing that it is caught and continued on by others. Seem impossible?  It’s been done before. Dreams That Seem Impossible In 1963 there was a man who saw acres upon […]