Quotes for March Madness — And Life

Inspiration from Coaches

March Madness

Well, I have Villanova going all the way this March. My dreams of winning the office bracket pool are still alive. However, I was not so luck calling the No. 16 seed – UMBC over the No. 1 seed Virginia! It is the victory that 99% of the world didn’t see happening. What a great […]

TED Talks for the Treadmill

What are you watching?

I love to exercise outside. Most people do.  Our mild winter certainly has kept me outdoors more than usual in January and February.  However, there have been the occasional days when I have had to use the elliptical in my garage.  Sigh! Snore! Boooring—if it weren’t for TED Talks! TED promotes their talks as, “influential […]

Because Sometimes You Just Need Some Motivation…

An article, a video, and a quote to inspire you

Life is challenging.  Sometimes we need a fresh dose of inspiration and motivation to keep us going.  A few moments spent inspiring yourself can recharge you for the challenges that lie ahead. That’s the purpose of this article.  Infusing some fresh motivation into your week. A motivating article This article from Inc. is just at […]

Choose Your Own “Boxing Day”

...and show your gratitude by giving back

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful holiday season! To many of Centennial’s international clients, we also send along good wishes for a happy “Boxing Day.” December 26 is a day acknowledged in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth nations as Boxing Day. While it has evolved into a pseudo “Black Friday” in many nations, Boxing […]

Centennial’s 2016 By The Numbers

Here’s a "numerical snapshot" of our year

Empowering organizations to plan, hire, retain, and grow is what Centennial does best. We’ve been reflecting on how we accomplished that in 2016 and how we plan to best serve our client organizations in 2017. Centennial:  2016 by the numbers Here’s a snapshot of our 2016 by the numbers: Ownership: 64% of our clients were privately […]

Responsible Leaders Take Gratefulness Seriously

Fix Your Focus:

Responsible Leaders Take Gratefulness Seriously

Abraham Lincoln is credited with saying “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Do you think that is true? Are leaders in charge of their own happiness? A spirit of gratefulness will change your life. I believe your mindset has a significant influence on your job satisfaction and […]

Leadership Rewards of Community Involvement

Giving Back to the Community is a Win for All

Community is a Win for All

Serving charitably is one of Centennial’s core values.  It’s not just something you’ll find in our value statement, it’s something we take seriously.  It’s not just a mantra, it’s a way of business.  Giving back to the community has countless benefits for you both personally and professionally. Community Involvement Drives Healthy Communities and Likable Leaders […]

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Daily

What inspires you each day?

To lead well you must be bold, have passion and have purpose. In our business, we get to meet people who have all three of these leadership characteristics and find that many have a mantra or philosophy for their leadership style and approach. One leader I especially admire is a VP of Manufacturing.  He is a […]

The Centennial Name: A “Beacon” for 114 Years!

Light as an inspiration

Centennial Light Bulb

Quirky but true, we share a name with the world’s longest burning light bulb: Centennial.  A close business contact recently made us aware of this fun connection, and we find it a great reminder of the value of working hard and burning bright. The Centennial Bulb: Burning Bright for 114 Years! Here’s a bit of history on our name-double, […]