Developing Leaders and Attracting Talent with Mike Kelly

Take action to be the best leader you can be.

Mike Kelly is one of those people who, whenever you talk with him, you walk away wanting some extra time to reflect on what he said. Mike might be soft-spoken, but the man has made global impact through his work. In addition to being a leader and entrepreneur, Mike has dedicated much of his life […]

From Talent Recruitment to Founder and CEO with Jennifer McClure

What it really takes to make the change and take charge.

Jennifer McClure is no stranger to Centennial, the parent company of the Talent Magnet Institute. In fact, she’s been an employee, friend, and mentor to Mike and his father. And on her own, Jennifer is a force to be reckoned with. Enjoy this delightful and impactful interview with Jennifer, Chief Excitement Officer of Disrupt HR. […]

How Business Leaders Can Invest in Students with Tim Hanner

We have to engage students in ways that will matter to them after high school.

early childhood matters

Do you believe that students aren’t being prepared well enough for life beyond high school, that there’s a gap in the recruitment and hiring pipeline that can be filled by a younger generation, hungry to begin their careers? You and Tim Hanner have something in common. Today he talks about how his organization, NaviGo College […]

Know Your Neighbor Concept with Shakila Ahmad

This concept extends beyond faith and race.

Companies these days are global, and yet, many of them don’t understand what interfaith dialogue is about. Today’s guest, Shakila Ahmad, is President and Chair of the Board of the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati. Her life’s work is to help others understand interfaith dialogue and implement it in their daily lives, so their leadership […]

Critical Success Factors in Leadership with Jim Samocki

do your employees work FOR the company or are your employees THE company?

Interview with Jim Samocki and Mike Sipple Jr

Mike and Jim have been friends for over a decade, and in fact, Mike’s company helped him find an amazing leadership position with Doran Manufacturing. And now, Jim has some things to teach Mike about how he’s succeeded in the Vice President and General Manager position. He shares his ideas of the most critical success […]

Peeling Back the Onion Layers of Poverty with Dr. Karen Bankston

You are a major part of the equation of breaking the cycle of poverty.

Dr. Karen Bankston is the executive director of the Child Poverty Collaborative, and she has an important message for you. Poverty isn’t what you think, it’s not getting better, and it’s a system that is set to repeat itself over and over again without the intervention of companies and leaders. It is they who must […]

Join the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast Launch Team

A Podcast by Centennial and the Talent Magnet Institute Hosted by Mike Sipple Jr.

Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

In less than one week, we launch a podcast that has been in the works for a while now. This initiative will bring transparent and relevant conversations as well as exciting insights about the world of talent and leadership directly to you. Our goal is to help those leaders we serve succeed in relationships, work, […]