Perfect 10 Corporate Culture – Why You Need One

Mike Sipple Sr. President of Centennial, Inc. and Lynne Ruhl of Perfect 10 Corporate Cultures

Centennial, Inc. has focused on our 4C Recruiting Process for over 36 years to recruit top talent and executive talent to our client companies – which includes recruiting for character, culture, chemistry and competence. Our team knows first hand how important company culture plays into attracting, recruiting and retaining ‘Top Talent’ and we make this a priority internally as well. As the President of our organization I also consider myself to be the Chief Culture Officer…

I am writing today to share something that I hope will help you and your organization. One of the greatest business tools Centennial has leveraged to become a better more effective organization has been the Cultural Audit work we have done with our business partner, Perfect 10 Corporate Cultures. They worked with our team to assess our organizational landscape, identify critical needs, and develop skills and solutions that have made Centennial a better place for our team and for our clients.

In order for us to better advise and guide our clients regarding their talent recruiting, engagement and retention strategies, we highly recommend a culture audit by Perfect 10.

4C Recruiting Process

“The only thing of real importance that leaders do is to create and manage culture.”
-Edgar Schein, Award Winning Author and Professor MIT Sloan School of Management

The Cultural Audit work helped us in many ways.

Centennial could not have achieved what we did without the Perfect 10 Culture Audit, which was central to our development.

Centennial believes deeply in the power of people and the power of an effective team, whether that’s within our own organization or in the passionate service of our clients. We aren’t perfect, but we keep getting better. Perfect 10’s Cultural Audit work has helped us tremendously by identifying our most important growth and communication needs and helping us focus our efforts. I am convinced it can help your business too.

To learn more, visit Perfect 10 Corporate Cultures, or call 513-874-4220.

Please share with them that Mike Sipple & the Centennial team strongly suggested you call to learn more about creating and maintaining a Perfect 10 Corporate Culture.

Perfect 10 Corporate Cultures

Organizational Performance & Culture Model

“I hope you’ll consider this as a potential business-building tool, and I wish you the very best in the process.”

Last, if you know me you know that my making this kind of endorsement is extremely rare. There’s a reason for that. I do it only because of our personal experience and conviction, and I do it only in the spirit of offering you information which I believe will add value to you and your organization.

Warmest regards,

Mike Sipple Sr.
CEO & Chief Culture Officer

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  • Mike,

    Great information, thanks for sharing. We have blessed thus far to stay out of this recession. However it has caused us to look at a company culture realignment. We are evaluating the way we do different processes and the people that drive them. In short we are rebuilding out team “getting the right people on the bus and the wrong people off”. As we go through this process however I am looking for a company culture test. I want to hire slowly and not make some of the same mistakes as the past. Do you have any good tests that you would recommend that would measure culture?

    Daniel Schmidtendorff

  • Thank you Daniel for your comments and feedback. There are a variety of ways to accomplish the goals you have stated and I would applaud you for your efforts of ‘implementation/execution’. Many organizations sit on the fence with decisions like this and do not execute quick enough – ultimately putting themselves behind the ‘eight ball’ vs. proactively managing their business and their most important asset – their people.

    First you need to set a benchmark. This is where we would strongly recommend an initial meeting with Perfect 10 Corporate Cultures. It was critical to our growth and success to know where we are and where our team feels we are. Ensuring these are aligned with one another.

    Secondly you need to ensure you have a communications plan that enables all of your organization to share the right message to prospective employees, customers and even existing employees. Authenticity makes all of the difference in the world as you are going from Good to Great.

    Third – once you know you can define the ‘Right’ people you need to create a strategy to attract them, recruit them and ultimately engage and retain them.

    Factoring assessments into this process will really determine your end goal and the personality of your organization. The key will be having an expert along with you to guide you and honestly the best place to start would be with Lynne Ruhl and Gerry Preece. If culture is what you are addressing and you respect the fact that culture makes the difference this will most likely be a good fit both short-term and long.

    All the best (call me directly to dialogue further if you wish 513-366-3765),

    Mike Sipple Jr.

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  • Please call me at your convenience at 574-299-0020.

    Thank you,

    Daniel Schmidtendorff