Executive Job Search – 9 Great Ways to Start off Your New Job

executive job search

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Executive Job Search – When you land in the right position, how do you start off on the right foot?

You have worked at your job search by responding to job postings, interviewing, sending out resumes and networking with everyone on your list and beyond – now you have landed a job!  Here are tips on how to start your new job the right way:

  1. Make sure you take the time to settle in, get to know the company and the people.  Long-term results are more important that making an immediate impact.
  2. Be sure to project that positive and cheerful attitude – have fun, smile and show people you are happy to be there.  You will be someone they enjoy working with.
  3. Take time to learn the corporate culture – learn how your company does things, how they accomplish tasks and the ways they encourage one another.
  4. Be a class act, someone who is ethical, well-mannered and professional.  Give credit where credit is due, say “thank you” and be trustworthy.
  5. It is important for you to “blend in” at your new company, even if you need to adjust your style for a while until people get to know you.
  6. Make sure you learn your job and get the correct understanding of your industry and your company.  Do the job you were hired to do.
  7. Be open to feedback from your boss and even arrange short meetings with your boss so that you can ask questions and find out where you can improve or what you are doing well.
  8. It is good for you to see improvements that need to be made in the future, but don’t make changes during the settling in period.  Make notes about the changes you feel need to be made and why they should be made, then implement once you have established rapport.
  9. It is important for you to take an active attitude in your first review, as you are given assignments, you should begin tracking them by using the SAR technique (Situation, Action, Results).

What are some other ways you can make sure you finish your executive job search well?

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