Are You Failing to Attract Great Candidates?

Six Ways to Fail at Attracting Great Candidatesattracting and retaining top talent

What is a GREAT candidate?  A great candidate is someone who will make a positive and significant impact on your organization’s goals and vision! The candidate will stand out in the interview process as someone the hiring team is excited to have join your company.

Here are six ways on how “not” to attract great candidates to your company:

  • Be careless about their time and always be late for an interview. Make them wait as long as possible or no show.
  • Act rigid and do not show any interest or excitement about great talent for fear they get too excited about your company.
  • Be mechanical in your process and show NO emotion during your interviews.
  • Have the attitude that “we are doing you a favor if we hire you.”
  • Believe that you are the ONLY company they want to be at and the only job they can find.
  • Do not allow them to see a vision for where your company is heading and how they would fit in.

Six ways to attract great candidates?

  • Value their time.
  • Allow the candidate to see the impact they can have on your organization.
  • Be positive during the interview and show excitement for what you are accomplishing at your organization.
  • Show them that you care and have a genuine interest in both their career and your company.
  • Wear an appropriate ‘Sales’ hat during the interview process.
  • Always remember People do not care about how much you know until they know how much you care.

I would like to challenge every company to take a look at their processes for attracting talent and consider that you may be the one that needs to change.  If you are not attracting the right people and you are frustrated because there is turnover in your company, consider what you can do to better attract and retain talent. 

Many companies do a terrible job at showing interest and value to both candidates and employees.  Candidates want to be in a place where they can make a difference, where they can grow personally and professionally and where they feel valued by their employer.

Are you ATTRACTING or LOOSING great candidates?

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