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  • centennialinc

    Here are some initial responses that were provided when asking this question. What would you add?

    A1. Several thoughts. One – an effective leader should have a succession plan and should communicate that plan to the team, along with steps / development opportunities for the individual members to grow and reach their potential. Secondly, as an organization, you need to identify critical roles and build succession plans for those roles. This doesn’t mean their has to be excess human capital, instead functional leaders have to have an eye on talent at all levels and the willingness to move people around to give them the experience needed to get to that next level. I personally viewed myself as a failure if I didn’t have a good plan and my people didn’t have a good understanding of what they needed to to do to get to my role.

    A2. Critical for long term retention and growth/development of A players.

    A3. Essential for growth and sustainability