What Is Employment Branding?

Is it an investment?

Depending on the size of your organization you may spend thousands or even millions of dollars managing the brand of your products and services.

Managing a brand is the effort of managing your unique product or service offerings, why customers should buy from you and why your consumers should trust your product to meet or exceed their expectations.

Employment branding is the perception and reality of what it is like to work and do business with your organization.

Who defines your employment brand?

Your current employees, passive and active candidates, suppliers, vendors, clients, prospects, past employees and your key stakeholders.

Your employment brand is the most critical brand you should be investing in – it is critical to winning the war on talent. We encourage you to continue investing in your employment branding if you are currently. If you are not, it is time to step up your game. What if you do not? Your competitors will be happy to attract the ‘top talent’ to their organization…

An effective employment brand will make an impact on your entire talent management process. It will assist you in attracting and recruiting key leaders to your organization. It will enable you to develop and engage your talent. It will make a significant impact on your retention efforts of the best and brightest.

“The art and science of employer branding is therefore concerned with the attraction, engagement and retention initiatives targeted at enhancing your company’s employer brand.” Brett Minchington

Just as you invest money to attract, recruit, engage and retain your key clients, customers and consumers you should be investing in your current and future employees.

Take the lead!

Create short-and-long-term dividends by investing upfront in your employment value proposition, marketplace perceptions, and employee realities.

Is it an investment?

Is it an investment? Absolutely – it will take time and extensive effort but it will be worth the investment! Engage your executive team, leadership team, people managers and everyone else in the organization and start leading your employment brand today.

During the journey ask great questions, be authentic and care about each and every last individual who has come in contact with your organization.

~Your Executive Search & Recruiting Adviser

Mike Sipple Jr, President – Executive Recruiter / Talent Aquisition Expert / Business Advisor

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  • I would add one more point…the influence of social media. When I took over the Army recruiting marketing campaign were were transitioning from “An Army of One” to “Army Strong.” At that time if you asked a Soldier what it meant to be Army Strong they would laugh and say it was just a recruiting slogan. With the ability of prospects to connect with Soldiers directly it was critical that Soldiers could explain what it meant to them to be Army Strong, otherwise, all our messaging would lose credibility. Today, bases have the same branding used on recruiting materials and leaders and Soldiers can talk about what it means to them to be Army Strong. (For more details see: http://davidalee.com/army-strong-campaign/the-challenges/building-an-employer-brand/)

    With social media generating discussions it is also important to remember that consumers will read information from employees and information about products to form their overall brand impression. Although the messaging may develop stove-piped in your organization, it is not processed that way by the consumer!

  • Our Personal Brand is our reputation, our promise, our DNA -and is critical in every aspect of our life. Be that family, community and in the market place.

    You are right-on Mike in suggesting each of us need to invest in our “Employment Brand” as part of of overall Personal Brand. Our Brand is defined by others, and their judgement is what influences if we’re trusted, our opinions are sought, impacts performance management, promotions, hiring, and so forth.

    Like any asset, poor or insufficient investment leads to poor and insufficient results – just as the reverse is true.

    Everything we do, don’t do; say or don’t say; promise and ultimately deliver, like marbles dropped in water, send out ripples across our personal pool of perception. The rest of the world sits around our personal pool and judge the ripples that reach them. That is our Personal Brand – our brand, reputation, promise is judged by others, by our customers. Invest wisely!

  • David and Bob – Thank you both for your additions to this post…

    I love this, “Personal Brand – our brand, reputation, promise is judged by others, by our customers. Invest wisely!”

    At the end of the day time, energy and resources invested into the view and perceptions of your company will be well spent. It can mean the difference between attracting and retaining good talent vs. great talent!