Derek Jackson, CentennialDerek Jackson joined Centennial in 2016 as a Director of Client Services.  Derek’s role was to assist clients with high level leadership needs evaluation, talent acquisition, culture assessment, and corporate growth strategies. Derek’s background in human resources and talent strategy, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking help organizations grow and become healthier.

Derek recently moved into a Talent Strategy Advisory position at Centennial. He is currently assisting a fast-growing start-up to meet their growth objectives as Vice President, Markets. Homee is an on demand home servicing app that provides instant access to handymen, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing service providers.

Derek’s 20 years of experience aligns with Centennial’s 4C’s.  His recruitment competencies span multiple industries:  information technology, engineering, consulting, financial services, and manufacturing.  His progressive-thinking character has a demonstrated track-record of propelling organizations forward.  The chemistry he shares with his clients yields a nurturing connection that helps people—and companies— grow.  Furthermore, his thoughtful, yet urgent approach to project management ensures corporate foundations are not only bolstered, but improved.

Derek worked for SDRC for nearly a decade in various capacities, including Director of Human Resources, Americas Operations; Director of Human Resources Asia Pacific Operations; Director of Employment Services; and, Manager of Employment.  He also led the Human Resources Departments in several organizations as Vice President of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition.  In 2008, Derek founded Summit Solutions Group, specializing in helping human resources departments re-think their role within organizations.  Derek led these teams in transforming their approach from one centered on tasks and tactics to one more focused on organization growth.   He also worked with businesses on the implementation of talent strategy, competitive compensation programs and performance management systems that supported company culture and promoting growth.  In 2013, Summit Solutions Group was acquired by endevis, a national talent acquisitions solutions firm.  Derek’s expertise helped endevis build and grow in southern Ohio.

A former college baseball player for Cumberland College, Derek has coached numerous youth baseball teams and still plays in an adult league with his son.  He enjoys sharing a story or two about baseball, along with his passion for all aspects of talent strategy, when speaking to groups or facilitating workshops.  “Building an Effective Talent Acquisition Organization, “Management Foundations,” and “Leadership Effectiveness” are just a few of the topics Derek presents to boards of directors, executives or professional organizations.