Creating and Advancing Your Organization

We’ve learned a lot in our 4+ decades of working alongside virtually every kind of organization imaginable to empower them to plan, hire, retain and grow. We create comprehensive talent strategies that will strengthen and enhance your organization and its leadership. This led to the creation of the Talent Magnet InstituteTM where we execute a very specific approach to helping you achieve your next chapter of success. Becoming A Talent MagnetTM  is the very holistic and inclusive approach to leadership development, executive development, organizational management and human capital management. Countless organizations have benefited greatly from this approach and we look forward to identifying how we can support and assist your efforts through the Becoming A Talent MagnetTM  approach.

Our goal is to build healthy organizations for you and all your stakeholders. Your organization’s continued growth and ongoing success matters to youwhich is why it matters to us. We will help you align talent strategy with an effective business strategy that will take your organization from “good” to “great”.

Organizations     Leaders

As a leader, you are expected to:

  • Drive optimal levels of success
  • Acquire the ‘Right’ leaders for growth and vibrancy
  • Retain and grow the leaders you attract.
  • Align business strategy with an effective talent strategy

Leaders and Organizations utilize our services and best practices approach in the following areas:

  • Board Member Development
  • Brand Ambassador Strategies
  • Candidate Experience and Hiring Manager Experience
  • Corporate Culture Assessment
  • Employment Branding
  • Employee Retention
  • Executive Coaching & Leadership Development
  • Onboarding – Integrated Talent Assimilation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent Pipeline Development
  • Team Building

Energy invested in human capital (people) is crucial to strategy, and your strategic plan cannot be executed without the people. A truly successful, healthy, organization has leaders who feel valued, feel invested in and, in turn, invest in others and the business. Ultimately the most effective and engaged organizations also give back to the community and the world around them. Their brands stand for something beyond what they do – it’s about why they do it.

What motivates us to do what we do at Centennial? We believe that strengthening businesses, teams and leaders ultimately strengthens communities and families.

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The “Talent Magnet Institute” and “Becoming A Talent Magnet” are trademarks of Talent Magnet Institute LLC.