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We offer a set of services that have been tested through years of experience and center around one of your most crucial aspects of business: people. Our team specializes in supporting business leaders who are focused on change and growth. Our clients describe us as a “true strategic partner” for their success.

See what talent strategy services we offer that will help you see a clear path and achieve long-term success as it relates to winning in the areas of talent, development, culture and succession.

  • Board Member Recruitment: Prudent companies take advantage of the wisdom and expertise of board members who have the experiences necessary to further grow their business. We assist companies in identifying and recruiting the right blend of directors or advisors for optimal success. We also can offer board governance through our strategic partnerships.
  • Culture Assessment: A healthy corporate culture is imperative to attracting and retaining top talent. Drawing from decades of experience, Centennial will guide assessment of your organization’s current culture and partner with your leadership team to develop a thriving one. Our proven expertise will help you evaluate, develop, and sustain your corporate culture.
  • Employment Branding: “If you are not managing your brand, others are doing it for you.” Take control of your most important asset – your employees – and ensure that they see an accurate picture of your company and its objectives. We believe Employment Brand is where your culture, meets employee experience and ultimately meets the marketplaces perception for your business. A company who invests in their employment brand will consistently win the war on talent over those who do not make it a key part of their talent strategy. We will utilize Centennial’s employment branding expertise and build it into your corporate strategy to ensure a consistent employment brand experience for your employees and future employees.
  • Leader Development: The best organizations understand that the best leaders want to be developed to ensure future success. Both acknowledging where your people are today and having a defined leadership development and succession plan for them is critically important to success of your company. Centennial can provide you with the necessary resources to unleash the potential in your leaders.
  • Outplacement: Maintaining healthy relationships with people who leave your organization is critically important. Providing coaching to departing team members is critical in this sensitive process and will help ensure a smooth transition. Your outgoing leaders will leave with a sense of respect and fondness for your organization.
  • Strategic Planning: One of the greatest business challenges we run into for organizations is a lack of a true strategic plan AND talent strategy that is either misaligned or non-existent. Let us help you put your business on the ‘Right’ path to success. Aligning both, your business and people, will help you build confidence in the ability to truly achieve success. We are confident it also puts the fun back into business and will further aid in developing a healthy and vibrant culture.
  • Succession Planning: The future of your company relies on a strong succession plan. Whether you are a family owned business, a privately held company, a private equity owned business, a nonprofit or a publicly traded company – succession planning IS a major success factor in your future state. If your key leaders will be retiring in the next few years, your succession plan should be well underway. Developing and attracting the skills, abilities and qualities for your long-term success should be embedded into everything you do. Do you know where and how to begin? Centennial’s team  can position you and your company for a seamless and successful succession. We will help you redefine succession from an event to an embedded part of your everyday culture.
  • Talent Magnet Consulting:Becoming a Talent Magnet” is the holistic approach to establishing and implementing a thorough talent strategy that is complimentary to the employee life cycle. Now is time to start investing in corporate culture, employment branding, talent pipeline and talent supply, aligning your ‘why’, assimilating new talent and promoted talent, developing your people, maximizing brand ambassadors and so many other aspects critical to the employee life cycle. Together we will identify your strengths and opportunities. Let us help your organization in “Becoming a Talent Magnet!”

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