Centennial’s sister organization, The Talent Magnet Institute, has recorded helpful conversations and webinars to guide leaders and their organizations through this uncertain time.  Listed below are links to recordings of these events.  Keep tabs on this “Events” page to participate in our webinars real-time.

https://www.talentmagnetinstitute.com/Our view:  Uncertain times call for leaders with certainty.


Recorded video discussions:

How to Keep a Healthy Mindset

Importance of Early Childhood Education

Managing Risk and Your Organization During a Crisis

Take Care of People & They Will Take Care of You

Building a Compelling Case for Change

Smart Strategy and People-Centered Practices


The New Virtual Realities for Business written by Chris Lewis

The New Virtual Realities for Business, Week 2; Tech Tricks Prevailed written by Chris Lewis

Will You Be Ready to Hire a Growth Minded Leader? written by Becky Scheeler


We have many additional resources listed here:  https://www.talentmagnetinstitute.com/membership.