6 Sought after Skills in an Executive

6 Sought after Skills in an Executive
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Companies usually have a team of individuals with strong technical and knowledge skills, but what they sometimes lack at the executive level are the soft, people skills.

After reflecting on a question asked to me, “What do you see as the most sought-after skills clients look for in an executive?”, I wanted to share 6 combination skills that an executive must have.  In today’s marketplace, it is not good enough to have just one or the other, you must have them all:

  1. Strategic thinking plus the ability to be hands on.
  2. Ability to plan long-term plus the ability to implement short-term initiatives.
  3. Maintain people leadership skills plus business leadership skills.
  4. Have learned from business challenges plus life challenges– you’ve learned from both and persevered through both.
  5. Bring physical energy plus emotional energy to the workplace.
  6. Learn from the past plus implement in the present plus plan for the future!

What do you think are the most sought after skills for executive talent today?

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