Act Three | Julie Shifman’s New Book

What does it mean to be truly inspired? 

Julie Shifman, in her new book Act Three*, explores the lives of inspiring women across the nation.  By sharing their stories, Julie encourages others to shoot for the stars, follow their times, and take big steps in “act three”.  Whatever act you are in, Act Three highlights how women and men can overcome the valleys and climb the mountains of life to be successful.  We love this road map, helping navigate through the transitions of life – the good, the hard, the exciting, and the bumpy.

Through identifying your “gifted passions,” pinpointing your biggest motivators, proactively addressing what is holding you back, getting ready for the big changes, and overcoming the obstacles you encounter, Act Three inspires you to be all that you can be.  Centennial congratulates Julie on this amazing accomplishment and we encourage you to learn more about Act Three*.  You will be inspired. Truly.


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