Advice from Mom

How our moms made us who we are

Advice from Mom

The Centennial team took some time to recognize the impact our moms have had on us.  There’s no arguing that mothers have a tremendous influence on who we have become. That influence can be seen in the lessons they passed onto us.

Some of the advice from our moms was in the form of a quote, other team members reflected on the example their mom lived out, and others shared practical skills that they were taught.  Regardless of the form of the advice, the lessons each mom taught made a great impression on each of us. Take a look at some of the things we have learned from our moms!

Great Quotes from our Moms

Take a look at these quotes that were popular with the mothers of our team members.  See if you hear your own mom’s voice when you read some of these.

“You have 2 ears and one mouth.  There’s a reason for that. Do more listening than you do talking.”

“Happiness starts with yourself.  A new job, spouse, baby, puppy – whatever, can only make you happier.”

“Never go to bed angry.” (This advice came from a mom who was married for 72 years!)

“When you point a finger at someone else, remember there are three fingers pointing back.”

“Don’t Quit.” (This simple statement, coming from someone who loves you, can keep you going!)

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”

“Procrastinating doesn’t make it hurt less.”

“It’s not the problem, it is how you handle it.”

“We only have each other.  We have to be there for each other.” (This came from a team member whose dad passed away when she was a child.  This mantra was one they lived by as they supported each other through the tough years ahead.)

“I love you a bushel and a peck.”

Lessons Learned by the Example of Our Moms

“Take time to stop and smell the roses” was a theme one mom lived out.  She instilled the habit – and continues today – of enjoying the beauty of the things around you.  Take in the sweet moments and relish the simple things.

Live a life devoted to other people.  One of our team members reflected that his mom is always focused on helping others. She is willing to make sacrifices, even those that are never noticed or recognized.

Create a culture where family is highly valued.  One mom impressed upon her kids the importance of being together as a family.  She rarely left the house without the family because she wanted them near.  She also made the home a central focus for welcoming friends and building relationships.

“Live well, laugh often, love much.”  Not only was this quote on a wall in the childhood home of one of our team members, but it was also a philosophy that was lived out.  Laughter and love is the key to living well.

Practical Life Lessons from Mom

Many of our moms instilled life skills into us that have benefited us greatly as adults. These practical lessons go a long way in giving us confidence and helping us manage life well.

One team member had a mom who instilled in her the art of ironing, cooking, cleaning and just hard work.  Her mom relied on her to manage a lot of household responsibilities which have molded her into the strong woman she is today.

Another team member reflected on his hardworking mom who did tough farm work but had a gentle touch.  She was always singing and she loved deeply.  She instilled a great work ethic into her children.

Another team member values the financial lessons her mom taught her.  The stress that is avoided by living within your means and managing money well, has been a lesson that has been a gift year after year.

How about you? What have you learned from your mom?

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