Inclusive Capitalism: This Effort Can Make Your Success Sustainable

Getting and keeping talent is one of every business leader’s top initiatives. It is also the breeding ground for many headaches as the struggle is real and constant.  There never seems to be enough workers, available and interested, to get the necessary work done.  Between the lack of people needing a job and the rate […]

Change Management: a critical skill for leaders of growth-oriented organizations

change management

Change is everywhere.  In our quest to continually improve, change is a constant variable.  Our fast-paced society is chock-full of new ways and new ideas.  That’s why it is critical to hire leaders who are experts in change management.  Furthermore, that is why you need to develop your own skills in this area. What Does […]

Hiring a Non-Family Executive into a Family Business


Here’s the situation: you run a successful business and you love the camaraderie you share with the other top executive.  That executive also happens to be your brother.  It’s a great set up because you and your brother complement each other well and you’re experiencing incredible growth in your family business. In fact, you’ve seen […]

Swinging with the Pendulum Not Always Best

Beware of extremes in business

“Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”  This is a phrase you’ve probably heard, and likely said yourself.  This adage describes a pitfall I see too often in organizations: the harmful practice of tossing out something valuable in an effort to make improvements.  Extreme change without careful consideration. Following the Trends Too often a […]

Boosting Your EQ is a Boost to Your Career

Practical steps to raising your emotional intelligence

IQ + EQ = Success

There is a clear link between job performance and emotional intelligence.  Last month we took a look at 9 Habits exhibited by people with a high emotional quotient (EQ). As a leader, it’s important to be able to identify high EQ when you’re hiring for a critical position. However, as a leader, you want to […]

IQ or EQ; Which is More Critical to your Job Performance?

emotional intelligence

Evidence continues to support high “EQ,” or emotional quotient, as a predictor of strong leadership. Unfortunately, a high emotional quotient, also called emotional intelligence, is harder to spot than a high IQ.  If your organization seeks strong leaders, it’s important to educate yourself on identifying high emotional intelligence. Before you question my own IQ, I should say upfront that […]

8 Mistakes That Can Ruin a Job Offer

A Great Candidate Deserves a Great Offer Experience

Offer Letter

The offer stage is the beginning of the final stages in a hiring process.  When you’ve arrived at this point you are eager to wrap up all the loose ends and get your newest employee up and running.  It’s easy to want to rush through this final stage.  Don’t.  It’s critical to be just as thorough at this […]

Reference Checks “Seal the Deal” for Employers

Congratulations!  The interview process is complete and you have made your selection. You reflect with satisfaction, “I have identified the right person for the role.” However, a final, crucial step is needed to seal the deal:  reference checks.  Reference checks provide a tremendous amount of value.  Conducting thorough reference checks will yield important insights into […]

Remtec Selects Lisa McMican Ryle as New CEO

Remtec Selects Lisa McMican Ryle as New CEO Mason, OH— Remtec Automation, LLC, has selected Lisa McMican Ryle as its new President and CEO. Remtec, a member of C.M. Paula family of companies, is a leading robotic automation provider and systems integrator firm that enhances company efficiencies through robotic and automation system deployment.  Remtec robotic […]

Geoffrey James Hits the Nail on the Head on How to Create Customer Loyalty

After reading the blog post by Geoffrey James from called “Create True Customer Loyalty: 10 Rules,” it made me reflect on my processes with my clients and if I cultivate true customer loyalty. Creating true customer loyalty is not rocket science but it takes consideration on an organization’s part by genuinely caring, making genuine […]