Video Interview Preparation – 15 Must Have Suggestions

We wrote a blog post in 2012 called, “Skype Interview – A 13-Point Checklist” and felt like it was time to update our checklist for you. We at Centennial have conducted many video interviews and we wanted to share some practical tips you should apply when having this type of interview: Be aware of what […]

Executive Development – 10 Ways to Improve as an Executive

Top 10 Executive Development learnings at the Cincinnati/Tri-State ExecuNet: 1. The importance of FOCUS – go deeper in 1 or 2 things 2. Have a PLAN you are following, easy to get off track. 3. Have trusted advisors, mentors, accountability group-people around you that keep you on track, that have different perspectives. You don’t have to […]

Job Interview – You Should Do a “Drive-by”

Have you ever done a “Drive-By” for a Job Interview?   What is your process in preparing for a job interview?   Do you research the company’s website and write down questions to ask the interviewer? Do you practice your answers for potential interview questions? Do you decide what you are going to wear before […]

We want Circumstances to Change…But will We Change Our Choices? – John Maxwell

John Maxwell Recap from Leadercast   I was reflecting on John Maxwell’s talk at the Leadercast I attended in May.  Often in our lives, day after day, everything remains the same…yet we are hoping and dreaming for something different.  We recognize many “contentment gaps” in our lives and wish that somehow our circumstances would change. These […]