Fear in the C-Suite: How to Transform It Into Opportunity


The #1 thing that holds anyone back is fear. It’s a basic human reaction. If we take all the fears we have in life, they narrow down to 3 categories: Fear of failing, fear of not being accepted by others and the fear of dying. All three of these have evolutionary implications, but what I’m […]

Are You Over-Reaching or Over-Training?

Know the difference so you can be your best

Performing at your top game is the same no matter what your “game” is, and whether you “play” it on a court or in an office.  The most devastating mistake any top performer can make is also the same regardless. What is that mistake that no one ever wants to make, but frequently does? Over-training. […]

The Secret to Handling A Job Change

Suggestions from Guest Blogger and Renowned Author Elyse Jarard

Whether it’s a plan of your own, or comes to you as a surprise, switching jobs can be unnerving. The way we have learned to deal with change is very much of a knee-jerk, emotional reaction.  It concentrates on control and pushing through with action.  We have learned that change is– Hard Uncertain and scary […]

Depression in the C-suite

Thoughts from guest blogger Elyse Jarard

It is a whispered secret of the C-suite that depression is rampant among high achievers and those who have “made it.”   No one wants to talk about it.  My goal here isn’t to provide answers to why this is (I’ll save that for another space), but to provide ways to prevent depression and help those […]