Making Decisions at the Right Level is Vital to Success – Leadercast

“Making decisions at the right level is vital to success” – Leadercast   Dr. Sheena Iyengar, an internationally recognized expert in the science of “Choices” was a featured speaker during the 2012 “Leadercast Conference.” Dr. Iyengar provided a very practical and compelling presentation to help today’s leaders recognize the vital importance of properly making decisions […]

Skype Interview- A 13 Point Checklist

We at Centennial, Inc. use Skype interview out of town candidates, so we know that this type of interview is very popular and will continue to gain in use as well.  Whether it is Skype, Oovoo, Google Video Chat, FaceTime or any other video interviewing tool, there are some things we think are important for you […]

Executive Coaching – Now Is the Season to Recommit to Learning | Part 2

  Did you take the challenge that I gave you in Part 1?  If you didn’t, here it is again: **Write down at least two significant things that you are committed to learn, re-learn, or earn advanced expertise in during the next nine months.**  Are you someone who continues to learn?  If you are a […]

Now is the Season to Recommit to Learning – Part 1 by Randy Pound

Do you Recommit Yourself to Learning Every Year? My favorite time of year is rapidly approaching and the nostalgic indicators of the Fall season are beginning to reveal themselves more every day.  The cornstalks are starting to dry indicating that the harvest is approaching, pre-season football games are almost underway, and teachers and students are […]

$180,000 Divide and Conquer to Help You Succeed – Part 3

The term “divide and conquer” is used all of the time, and it is nearly always used incorrectly. Some people believe that to divide and conquer means that leaders should spread their limited resources out widely so a large problem or initiative can be successfully addressed. The problem with this approach is that it usually leads […]

$180,000 Worth of Learning to Help You Succeed – Part 2

Why did we have to invest $180,000 to legitimize that learning? Do you think the answer we figured out in Part 1 sounded simple and obvious? The best way to answer these questions is to think about how your own organization operates: When a vital project or initiative must be done, do you consciously select […]

“$180,000 Worth of Learning to Help YOU Succeed!” Part 1 The Answer

Do you realize the importance of visualizing and consciously planning for success rather than merely planning enough to get started and then hoping that good things happen? In 1994, my company’s senior leadership decided that they needed to learn the root cause of why some of the $13 billion corporation’s initiatives and projects exceeded expectations, […]

May 2011 Greater Cincinnati ExecuNet Executive Networking

Centennial, Inc. Invites You to the Greater Cincinnati May ExecuNet Meeting GUEST SPEAKER: Mike Sipple, Sr., President & Owner of Centennial, Inc. TOPIC: “How to interact effectively with an executive recruiter.” DATE/TIME: Wednesday, May 4, 2011 from 8:30 – 10:30 am (Arrive at 8am to network) LOCATION: Rookwood Tower – 3805 Edwards Road, Cincinnati, OH 45209 – 7th […]

Why Do We Fail So Often – Positive Perspective p1

So, why do we fail so often? As you watch or listen to TV and radio news and talk shows and read newspapers this week, pay close attention and keep a mental record of the percentage of time that is spent critiquing and criticizing failures, as opposed to celebrating success. After a week of doing […]