Becoming a Talent Magnet – Beyond Insurance

I had the great fortune to have led a session and co-facilitated another session for Beyond Insurance – @RiskRevolution.  This conference was held at the Tempe Mission Palms in Tempe, Arizona.  The attendees were all business owners or key executives from all across the nation who have invested in and are striving to be the “Purple Cow” in their respective marketplaces.  Thirty-five organizations from all over the country and a variety of key advisors and resources were in attendance.


Centennial has been heavily influenced by the philosophies, strategies and focus of Beyond Insurance for quite some time.  To watch them transform themselves has been transforming to us.  Like any great leader or organization we have allowed the great experience they have had inspire us to continue to differentiate ourselves in our marketplace.  If you see me wearing a purple tie, purple shirt or various forms of purple, you can thank Beyond Insurance and RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders!

 Inspiring Trust and Openness:

I would describe the event as a CEO/Executive Roundtable – focused on best practices, learnings, successes, challenges and opportunities. From my experience you can tell the quality of roundtable by the level of trust and level of open communication among participants.  If this is the barometer the #BIGN conference was one of the most trustworthy groups.  Similar to the roundtable I participate in, everyone got value from the discussions and the conversations continued throughout the entire event, and I am certain transcended after the conference.  I have had multiple conversations with many in attendance and am encouraged by the value and resource that Beyond Insurance has become for their members.

My time spent with the group was focused on coaching and inspiring them to take the steps to, “Becoming a Talent Magnet.” The discussion was focused on the four key pillars that I believe are critical to ‘Becoming a Talent Magnet’: MASquote

I am deeply passionate about the impact of each of the pillars!  I am also encouraged by so many great organizations we interact with that get them right!  I am also encouraged by the organizations striving to get better!  It is not easy but with focus, intention and desire to strengthen each, you too, can become a talent magnet!

“It takes courageous leadership to have a culture of open and honest communication.”  Lynne Ruhl

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