Goering Center Family & Private Business Awards Gala

Goering Center Award

The Centennial team is honored to be chosen for the 2018 Goering Center Family & Private Business Award for Family Businesses with 1-15 employees.  The awards gala was an incredible celebration of family and private businesses, topped off with extraordinary tribute to John Goering, the Goering Center founder and chairman, who will soon become chairman […]

Are You Over-Reaching or Over-Training?

Know the difference so you can be your best

Performing at your top game is the same no matter what your “game” is, and whether you “play” it on a court or in an office.  The most devastating mistake any top performer can make is also the same regardless. What is that mistake that no one ever wants to make, but frequently does? Over-training. […]

How to Become a Talent Magnet

Six Tips from the Best of the Best

Talent Magnet Institute

Leaders from all over the world ask often,  “how do we achieve our next chapter of success?” Our recommendation is to take all of the necessary steps to become a talent magnet. Becoming a Talent MagnetTM is not easy but worth the investment of time, energy and resources. It is THE way to elevate your […]

The Secret to Handling A Job Change

Suggestions from Guest Blogger and Renowned Author Elyse Jarard

Whether it’s a plan of your own, or comes to you as a surprise, switching jobs can be unnerving. The way we have learned to deal with change is very much of a knee-jerk, emotional reaction.  It concentrates on control and pushing through with action.  We have learned that change is– Hard Uncertain and scary […]

Summer Reading with Lasting Leadership Lessons

Spend an Hour with This Book and You’ll be Wiser and Better Equipped to Lead

The Way of the Shepherd: 7 Ancient Secrets to Managing Productive People by Dr. Kevin Leman and William Pentak is an excellent leadership book that will leave a positive impact on the way you lead your team.  Several Centennial team members have read this practical book and it has become a favorite. We especially appreciate […]

It’s a Good Day When You Invest in Future Leaders

A small investment can lead to great impact - personally and professionally

I had an incredible opportunity a few weeks ago. My daughter invited me to speak to her awesome 2nd class about my career. I was also asked to read a book of my choice to her class. I read, “Have You Filled Your Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids.” I was able […]

Join Us for Leadercast 2018

Lead Yourself Before You Lead Others

Join us for Leadercast 2018 – The World’s Largest Leadership Simulcast (Broadcast live from Atlanta, GA to hundreds of sites worldwide!) Are you a Leader Worth Following? The world is looking for great leaders to follow. In order to become those leaders to the outside, we have to lead ourselves first. We must walk the […]

Early Childhood Education: MyPre-K

and the importance of early childhood education

PreK Works

At Centennial we are committed to the impact of early childhood education on our youth. We clearly see the direct correlation between our youth’s success in life, the future workforce and economic growth. When a Centennial team member is asked to speak in the community, we regularly encourage people to get involved in early childhood […]

Family Business Lessons from the Skywalker Family

Honor Grandfather Vader and Listen to Your Yoda (Advisor)

family business successor

The Star Wars and Skywalker family legacy continues as we look upon another Jedi-generation wrestling with the question of who they are and how their future will be defined. In the Skywalker family, each generation wrestles with the expectations that others have for them. Each generation has to confront and forgive those who have come […]

59 Leadership Reminders That Your Work Matters

Take-aways from the Unpolished Conference

I recently attended the conference Unpolished: The Intersection of Faith and Entrepreneurship. I referenced the conference in a previous blog post that addressed “the top.”   Comments from that post, coupled with encouragement from multiple colleagues to summarize my conference notes, resulted in my top 59 “learnings,” which I share with you below.  I hope they […]