How to Subscribe and Review a Podcast

Apple Podcast and iTunes

Subscribing to a podcast makes accessing your favorite podcasts a whole lot easier.  And leaving a review is a huge benefit to other curious listeners.  Despite these clear benefits, the process to subscribe and review can be a little tricky.  For that reason, we put together step-by-step directions to help make it easier for you. […]

Brent Cooper Named 6th President and CEO of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

Media Contact: Kristin Baldwin VP, Public Affairs & Communications (502) 370-5600 Successful business owner, active Chamber member poised to lead Northern Kentucky’s largest business advocacy organization FORT MITCHELL – Brent Cooper, a successful entrepreneur and small business owner who for years has been an active and engaged leader in the regional business community, has […]

How to be Powered by Purpose

Purpose is what defines us, drives us, and empowers us.  Are you powered by purpose?  Attend a Leadercast simulcast to learn how purpose motivates teams to build stronger organizations, and inspires individuals to lead with intention. Is your Organization Powered by Purpose? What does it mean to be powered by purpose? …to be part of […]

Who Influences Your Leadership?

Who influences you must be a thoughtful decision.

Sharpening the saw is a critically important aspect of leadership. I find it critically important to read positive, proactive, insightful and energy giving material. It is true, both professionally and personally, for me. “We are what we read, what we listen to and who we associate with.” Who influences you must be a thoughtful decision. I trust you will find the influencers […]

5 Traits of Leaders Who Attract Leaders

Two Types of Leaders

In John Maxwell’s latest book, Your Road Map for Success*, he provides five traits of leaders who attract other leaders. I have had the opportunity to shake Maxwell’s hand twice at leadership conferences where I heard him speak.  Maxwell is a prolific author, and his books account for large percentage in my personal library. I greatly admire and emulate […]

Ten Books to Fuel Your Leadership

Leaders are readers

leaders are readers

I am an insatiable reader. I wasn’t always this way.  As a kid, I would get frustrated that I just couldn’t get “into” reading.  My dad, on the other hand, always had his nose in a book.  His day started (and still does) with reading Proverbs, Psalms, and other scripture from not just one Bible, but […]

Leaders Read These Top Blog Posts in 2015

What did leaders read most on our blog in 2015? We were curious, too. Find inspiration by reading these: 1. The Top 3 Challenges Facing Leaders Today 2. How Do You Write a Resignation Letter? 3. Conflict: An Unwelcome Guest at the Table? 4. The Hiring Process 101: Finding the Perfect Fit 5. Attracting & […]

The Ultimate Corporate Gift

At this time of year, many employers wish to demonstrate their gratitude for their employees with a holiday ham or even a monetary gift.  Employers may think of this as more than a kind gesture.  They may perceive that holiday gift giving is a positive contributor to corporate culture. However, while these tokens are definitely […]

Conflict: An Unwelcome Guest at the Table?

“The most wonderful” time of the year is upon us!  Food! Gifts! Carols! Conflict?  Families that work together will soon gather ‘round holiday tables. Requests like “Please pass the turkey” inevitably get sandwiched between the latest company news.  When this happens, productive, healthy conversation can ensue—or not. Conflict may arise, and the issue seems that […]