The Value of Inclusion, Diversity, and Clowns with Paul Miller

What happens when you pair humor with the ability to push boundaries?

Did you know there’s such a thing as ‘medicinal clowning?’ Or that clowns are used in child surgery to reduce the number of drugs needed? Our guest this week is Paul Miller, former Ringling Brothers performer and creator of Circus Mojo, a circus act with a mission. It might be fun and games, but Paul’s […]

Cultural Transformation and Courageous Leadership with Lynne Ruhl

Do you REALLY understand what company culture means?

What is work culture and how does it affect the corporate environment? Discover how one phone call changed a stay-at-home mom’s life and how she changed the abusive, toxic culture in children’s competitive gymnastics. The impact she made led to a career in leadership and corporate cultural development. Today, Mike brings in Lynne Ruhl to discuss why […]

What Makes Leaders Extraordinary with Don Frericks

Lackluster leadership results in uninspired employees.

The rules for fostering great leaders in your workplace are changing. It’s not enough just to train them; you also have to develop them. Today, Don Frericks, CAO of Community Blood Center and Founder & Leadership Coach of Make Me A Better Leader, joins Mike Sipple, Jr., to talk about what makes extraordinary leaders. They […]

The Man Behind The “Mike” with Christine Lewis and Mike Sipple Jr.

Centennial, Inc. is a family owned business, but it wasn’t just handed to Mike Sipple, Jr. Want to know what he went through to earn it?

We’re changing things up a bit this week on the Talent Magnet Institute podcast to give everyone a special opportunity to know more about Mike Sipple Jr. and his almost superhero-like ability to connect thought leaders with other key leaders. We have gone long enough not knowing about Mike’s career origin story, and we have […]

Remarkable Leadership in Family Business with Jonathan Theders

Running a family business is a different game. When you take over, how much will you change?

Jonathan Theders is the CEO of RiskSource Clark-Theders, a prominent family business that focuses on providing comprehensive insurance solutions and risk management services to protect clients from the unexpected. As the next generation CEO, Jonathan has gone to great lengths to transform the family business into a remarkable organization, but there’s more to running a […]

Diversity and Inclusion with Dr Janet Reid

Diversity is meaningless without inclusion. Create the kind of workplace that does both!

Dr. Janet Reid is the founder of BRBS World, a private global management consulting consortium located in Cincinnati, that works with companies to develop and retain world-class leaders who value diversity and inclusion. Dr. Reid is an author and consultant with 35 years of promoting diversity and inclusion, and today, she and Mike talk about […]

Becoming Fully Human with Dan Hurley

Taking the risk of stepping out into the public arena allows you to find out who you really are.

Dan Hurley has had an incredible career, and after retirement, he continues to do so. He was a teacher, historian, the Director of Leadership for Leadership Cincinnati, the Interim CEO for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, and a producer and reporter for WKRC TV. Currently, Dan is the founder of a company and host […]

Conscious Capitalism with Steve Shifman

It's not enough to make work tolerable - there's a better way to run a business that puts people first.

Fellow Cincinnatian Steve Shifman is the president of Michelman, Inc., and has been a dear friend of Centennial for many years. As a believer in conscious capitalism, Steve believes that by leading with community-based values, companies can build up their capacity to change the lives of not only their employees but the lives of generations […]

Improving Mental and Physical Stamina with Elyse Jarard

Forget the diet detox. You need a MENTAL detox, and one that will change your brain forever. Be a better leader and happier in life.

Elyse Jarard Talent Magnet Institute

Elyse Jarard is a speaker, author, healthy mindset strategist, principal of My Ripple Effect, as well as Mike’s personal coach for many years. Elyse believes that leaders today need someone supporting them as they navigate the evolution of what leadership is and will become. Discover the science behind the practice of being, how to overcome […]

Becoming CEO: Journey and Reflections with Chris Painter

"Reflect on where you get your energy, where you get your passion and what will allow you to become the greatest person you can be." – Chris Painter, President of Logikor

Chris Painter is the president of Logikor and a longtime client and friend of Mike’s. Throughout his career, Chris has always wanted to be the one at the helm of an organization, leading the way. And it shouldn’t surprise you that he started near the bottom and worked his way up. Today, Chris and Mike […]