The Surprising Power Of Film Production: Lessons for leaders of business from Executive Director, Film Cincinnati Kristen Schlotman

This week’s episode our guest host, Jessica Baron, Executive VP of Talent Search for Centennial Inc (Talent Magnet Institute’s parent company) conducts an engaging discussion with Kristen Schlotman, the Executive Director of Film Cincinnati.   Jessica and Kristen share interesting stories of movie stars and movie sets to be sure, however, the lessons to be learned […]

Wisdom For High-Achievers: A Conversation with the Lion King Himself, Alton Fitzgerald White

If you have ever seen The Lion King either on screen or on stage, you know Mufasa as the father with much wisdom to impart to his son.  In this podcast episode, Alton Fitzgerald White, who played the role of Mufasa on Broadway 4,308 times shares his personal brand of wisdom for success.  In his […]

Are Small Businesses Actually More Important to Society Than Big Ones with Luke Dooley

Discover Luke Dooley‘s insightful perspective on the impact of the entrepreneur. In this Talent Magnet Institute Podcast episode, Mike talks to Luke Dooley about the challenges of being a successful entrepreneur and how to navigate life as a business owner successfully.   Luke is the President of OCEAN Programs. Through their events, training, accelerator, and […]

Power of Talent Acquisition to Drive Innovation with Jodi Brandstetter

Why does Jodi Brandstetter believe that awesome recruiters can save the world?

In this Talent Magnet Institute Podcast episode, Mike talks to Jodi Brandstetter, Chief Talent Strategist at Lean Effective Talent Strategies and founder of Talent Acquisition Evolution, an event designed to bring Talent Acquisition professionals together to network, learn, and elevate the future of talent acquisition.  In this podcast Mike and Jodi discuss:  Why Jodi believes […]

Gearing Up For Good with Joe Motz

What more can I do with the talents I have?

In this week’s episode Mike Sipple Jr. interviews Joe Motz, CEO/Chairman of The Motz Corporation, about an exciting initiative. Joe is embarking on a 6500 mile bike ride over 90 days which is focused on a cause bigger than himself. He calls this initiative Gearing Up For Good. Mike and Joe discuss what inspired the […]

Making Space for Excellence with Paaras Parker and Jessica Baron

If it’s not going to have a fundamental impact on the outcome - let it go.

Jessica Baron, Vice president of Centennial Inc, talks with Paaras Parker, the Head of Human Resources at Kroger Digital. They start things off with a conversation about family. Family Principles Through the Generations Paaras’s family moved to the Cincinnati area from Pakistan when she was just about to enter kindergarten – and this is a […]

Creating the Culture for Impact with Meredith Meyer

If you’re transitioning between roles and worlds - it’s important to do so with humility.

Today we get a follow-up episode, where Mike sits down again with Meredith Meyer, founder of Infinite Potential! They’re talking about the concept, how it manifests when you change your role, and how organizations can foster it among their employees.  What is My Best Use as a Leader? This is a question everyone should be […]

The Human Element of Business Strategy with Meredith Meyer

Happiness at work goes way beyond the walls of the workplace.

Today on the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast, Mike speaks with Meredith Meyer – whose business, Infinite Potential, is founded on the idea that strategic planning and talent need to be perfectly integrated for a business to be successful. They discuss what kindness means in an organization, the rapidly-changing world and what it means for organizations […]

Making the Future Better at Leadercast with Christine Lewis and Janelle Spence

The right person in the wrong place feels like the wrong person

In this week’s episode of the Talent Magnet Institute, Janelle Spence and Christine Lewis talk about one of the most interesting leadership events of the year. Janelle Spence is the marketing director of Centennial Talent strategy and Executive Search. Christine Lewis is the executive assistant to our usual host, Mike Sipple Jr. Today, they’re talking […]

The Cornerstones of Health with Dr. John Tew and Liz Keating

You can learn from every single person you meet in life.

Today, Jessica Baron speaks with Dr. John Tew, an internationally renowned neurosurgeon with controversial ideas about how to live a healthy life, and Liz Keating, whose daily work inspires connections between people all over the world. What do these people have in common? Aside from a long history of working together, Liz and Dr. Tew […]