Making Space for Excellence with Paaras Parker and Jessica Baron

If it’s not going to have a fundamental impact on the outcome - let it go.

Jessica Baron, Vice president of Centennial Inc, talks with Paaras Parker, the Head of Human Resources at Kroger Digital. They start things off with a conversation about family. Family Principles Through the Generations Paaras’s family moved to the Cincinnati area from Pakistan when she was just about to enter kindergarten – and this is a […]

Creating the Culture for Impact with Meredith Meyer

If you’re transitioning between roles and worlds - it’s important to do so with humility.

Today we get a follow-up episode, where Mike sits down again with Meredith Meyer, founder of Infinite Potential! They’re talking about the concept, how it manifests when you change your role, and how organizations can foster it among their employees.  What is My Best Use as a Leader? This is a question everyone should be […]

The Human Element of Business Strategy with Meredith Meyer

Happiness at work goes way beyond the walls of the workplace.

Today on the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast, Mike speaks with Meredith Meyer – whose business, Infinite Potential, is founded on the idea that strategic planning and talent need to be perfectly integrated for a business to be successful. They discuss what kindness means in an organization, the rapidly-changing world and what it means for organizations […]

Making the Future Better at Leadercast with Christine Lewis and Janelle Spence

The right person in the wrong place feels like the wrong person

In this week’s episode of the Talent Magnet Institute, Janelle Spence and Christine Lewis talk about one of the most interesting leadership events of the year. Janelle Spence is the marketing director of Centennial Talent strategy and Executive Search. Christine Lewis is the executive assistant to our usual host, Mike Sipple Jr. Today, they’re talking […]

The Cornerstones of Health with Dr. John Tew and Liz Keating

You can learn from every single person you meet in life.

Today, Jessica Baron speaks with Dr. John Tew, an internationally renowned neurosurgeon with controversial ideas about how to live a healthy life, and Liz Keating, whose daily work inspires connections between people all over the world. What do these people have in common? Aside from a long history of working together, Liz and Dr. Tew […]

Opportunities to Lead with Love

Investing in your personal life is as important as investing in your professional life

In a very special episode of the Talent Magnet Institute, Tim Hanner, the President of NaviGo, who happened to be the first-ever interview conducted by the host of the show, turns the mic on Mike Sipple Jr.  From the Family Farm in Grant County Mike is a busy guy, leading several organizations, hosting deeply involved […]

Nurturing the Next Generation of Giving with Nancy Grayson

We’re able to do things together in ways we wouldn’t be able to individually.

When business and community members get involved in their communities – from their local schools to collaborative giving – wonderful things can happen. Nancy Grayson, the President of Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky has a deep belief in the power of giving – and plenty of strategies for how to do it as a […]

Embracing Ambiguity in Your Career with Myrita Craig

Ambiguity gives you more power as a leader. There is disruption happening in every industry. Talent and innovation are the new currency.

Telling someone to embrace the ambiguity in their career doesn’t sound like good advice, nor something a person would want to do. According to the ‘Queen of Ambiguity,’ Myrita Craig, it’s actually a great idea. Myrita, AVP of the Office of Innovation – Strategic Partnerships at the 1819 Innovation Hub, shares how she earned the […]

Unpacking with ‘Small Giant’ Joe Motz

People pack for their fears. Unpacking means unburdening yourself.

Joe Motz is the President and CEO at The Motz Corporation and was awarded the Small Giants award by Forbes. Joe’s journey has been an interesting one: he found amazing success but learned it would cost him his life. So Joe learned the importance of ‘unpacking.’ Today, he and Mike discuss how strong leaders can […]

Leading an Inclusive Community with Mary Stagaman

It is possible to lead from the middle.

What does it truly look like to lead an inclusive community, and how can we, as leaders, make an impact on this conversation? Join us today as Mary Stagaman, the Vice President of Inclusion at Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, talks about reaching beyond the familiar, celebrating diversity, and the difference this makes for us in […]