Childcare and The Cliff Effect with Vanessa Freytag

Childcare isn't just the employees' problem. It's yours, too.

What does childcare have to do with your business? A lot more than many realize. Vanessa Freytag is the President and CEO at 4C for Children and the Board Chair of the Human Services Chamber, and today we’re talking about the Cliff Effect. What is it, and why should you care as an employer — […]

Building Strong Leaders with Brent Carter, Part 2

Having a coach used to be stigmatized, but now it’s a perk.

Any leader can benefit from having a coach. Today we’re joined once again by Brent Carter to continue the conversation about building stronger leaders. Brent is a senior consultant and senior executive coach at Leadership Excelleration Inc., and we’ll be talking about how to build stronger leaders through coaching. We’re coached a lot as kids […]

Building Strong Leaders with Brent Carter, Part 1

How can we build — or be — good leaders? My guest on the podcast today is Brent Carter, a senior consultant and executive coach for Leadership Excelleration, Inc. He’s here to talk about the challenges leaders and companies face, the skill gaps we fail to notice, and how we can be more successful, more […]

Rethinking Systems for Equality with Stephanie Byrd

Solutions go well beyond conversations: we need to put money on the table to solve the problem.

When you don’t have a roadmap, the beauty is that you can create it, and the risk is that … you can create it. Today on the show we have Stephanie Byrd, the CEO of the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton Region American Red Cross, who is here to talk about the vulnerability of life’s success, […]

Redefining Success: The 5 Secrets for a Successful Career with Keith Lawrence

You don’t need permission to invest in your own personal and career development.

What does having a successful career look like to you? On this episode of the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast, we have Keith Lawrence, president of Sustaining Success Solutions and author of Your Retirement Quest. For many people, success means climbing to the top — but today, Keith is going to help us define that very […]

Get Unstuck with Julie Bauke

Being stuck is a choice. The way out is determining what matters to you and going for it.

Why do a lot of leaders feel stuck in their jobs? On today’s episode, we have Julie Bauke, the Chief Career Advisor of the Bauke Group, to explain what makes a person feel ‘stuck’ and how companies can help create a work environment that benefits both the business and their employees. The ‘stuck’ state of […]

From Founder to CEO with Todd Uterstaedt

The most successful CEOs are fanatical about improving the lives of the people they serve.

You’ve founded a company. Now, how can you lead it to sustained success? Today on the show, we have Todd Uterstaedt. He’s the host of the podcast, From Founder to CEO. He’s also the co-founder and CEO of an executive coaching firm called Baker & Daboll and a mentor with Cintrifuse. Todd is here to […]

HR on Purpose: Putting the Human Back in Human Resources with Steve Browne

We need to treat people like people. We can. It’s allowed. It’s legal. People are aching for it.

Today’s guest is Steve Browne, the Vice President of Human Resources at LaRosa’s, Inc. and a Board Member at the Society for Human Resource Management. Steve, simply put, loves people, and it’s that love that propels his innovative thinking in the HR field. Steve wants to put the ‘human’ back in human resources, which is […]

Changes, Dreams, and Leaps of Faith with Mary Miller

Have you been so busy that you've forgotten you have a life?

What does it take to truly go for your dreams? On the show today we have Mary Miller, the CEO of JANCOA Janitorial Services and an associate coach with Strategic Coach. In today’s episode, we dive into the stories behind her book, Changing Direction: 10 Choices that Impact Your Dreams, and why it’s important to […]

Crafting the Candidate Experience with Todd Markle

In order to attract the best talent, you need to create a better candidate experience.

How do the candidates you interview for jobs feel about your organization? Today we have the founder and Founder & CEO of Hello Hire and member of the Talent Magnet Institute Faculty, Todd Markle. Todd Markle is a global expert on candidate experience, and we’re very excited to have this discussion today about candidate experience, […]