Centennial’s 2017 “Best of the Blog”

Centennial's Blog is a Team Effort

When we were mapping out our strategic plan for 2017, our marketing team set an aggressive goal:  To publish a blog post every Monday. We wanted our posts to enhance your leadership—helping you lead yourself, your teams, and your organization.

Fifty-two (52!) weeks of content–it seemed like a lofty goal.

But– we got it done. And, this is post #1 –of 52–for 2018.

Achieving this goal took tremendous team chemistry.  While the lion’s share of the work fell on our marketing manager, Janelle Spence, the entire Centennial team had ideas they wanted to share with you. Furthermore, our loyal readers, now numbering more than 24,000, gave us ideas of what they wanted to read.  Our guest bloggers also provided the perfect perspective and expertise. It truly was a team effort.

Listed below are some of the Centennial team’s 2017 posts.  Which is your favorite?

T.J. Bugg:  5 Reasons to Hire an Executive Search Firm—Why Retained

Julie Warden:  Plan to Win

Lauren Kenney: Attracting and Retaining Your Best Talent Requires More Than the Basics

Kathy Walerius: Satisfactory Customer Service Isn’t Enough

Mike Sipple Jr.: Family Business Lessons from the Skywalker Family

Mike Sipple Sr.: On Business Suits and Family Business

Becky Scheeler: Boosting Your EQ is a Boost to Your Career

Katie Hadnett: 3 Leadership Lessons Learned from Breast Cancer

Janelle Spence:  A Commentary on Purpose:  Are You a Pipe or a Fountain?

Chris Lewis: 59 Leadership Reminders That Your Work Matters

Jessica Baron: 8 Misconceptions of a Job Search

And special thanks to our guest bloggers:

Jennifer McClure:  6 Tips to Build Influence and Get Your Ideas Heard

Dustin DiChiara: Leadership Styles Can Cripple Culture

Dan Calonge:  How to Land a Job in the City of Your Choice

Greg Frye:  Transition Tips You Probably Haven’t Considered

Nelly Grinfeld: Should You Include an Objective or an Executive Summary on Your Resume?

Kristie Sheanshang:  Questions to Ask When Seeking “Fresh Eyes”

Thank you for reading!  Here’s to you and your leadership.  And–cheers to the New Year and 52 posts in 2018!

  • What areas of talent strategy, culture development, talent acquisition do you want to learn more about?
  • What leadership, talent and strategy answers are you seeking to achieve your business objectives and BHAG?
  • What topics can we provide outside perspective on to help you achieve your objectives?
  • What leadership, talent and strategy insights will help you further align and achieve your objectives?
  • What ideas do you have as a contributor or guest blogger?

We are here to help you achieve greater success. The insights and voice of our clients provide the direction and topics we cover on a weekly basis.

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