Chick-Fil-A Leadercast – Don’t Make A Choice that will Make You a Liar for Life

Commentary on Chick-Fil-A Leadercast - What is my story?

Heather Alexander’s Kids-Maleah & Austin “I want to leave a legacy for them, and teach them to leave a legacy for their generation.”

Our company, Centennial, seeks to train us to not only be better at what we do – recruiting and engaging top talent for client organizations – but to be better people and leaders in our community.  One of the ways they have done that is sending our team to Leadercast for a day retreat.  We have posted several articles from our team’s experience.

Recap of the 2012 Leadercast:

My heart was stirred by the 3rd question Andy Stanley proposed in his talk, the 3 Questions to Have in Your Arsenal in Decision-Making during the 2012 Chick Fil A Leadercast.  The third question was, “What Story Do I Want to Tell.”  So many people need to hear this concept early in their lives.  It needs to be a high school or college entrance essay question.  It is a question we need to teach our kids – It is a LEGACY statement:  Don’t ever make a CHOICE that would make you a LIAR for LIFE. 

What does this mean?  Mr. Stanley explained that there are questions along the way people will ask you about your life, whether it is in business practices or in your personal life from children or grandchildren.  Will there be things that you want to skip over or lie about because there is a big black hole that you don’t want to explain?

For example, we need to remember that success is not necessarily the life with the most money at the end.  Do you want to work so much that you come out in the end with no relationship with your spouse and your kids?  Do you want to sacrifice your family for money?  This is not a story Andy Stanley wants to tell, nor do I.  Instead, leave behind an impression to your kids and people around you – “they worked hard, and in the midst of it, they honored God, they honored their family and they did everything with integrity.

For me this is important because I have young kids, and not only do I really want to leave a legacy for them, but I want teach them to leave a legacy for their generation!

Your story is ALWAYS with you – Don’t make choices that will cause you to lie about your life and what your life is really about.

What story are you going to tell?



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