Cincinnati Works – Changing Lives One Job at a Time

As an Executive Search firm, we recognize and value what a job really means. It means income, community, opportunity, productiveness, self-confidence and change. We applaud the efforts of everyone at Cincinnati Works who is making these truths a reality by building a thriving working community and changing lives one job at a time.

Our Centennial team member, Becky Scheeler knows this better than anyone.  Becky volunteers each month, providing professional mentoring and interview coaching services that are vital to the success of people who are in transition at Cincinnati Works.  As she alludes to in her interview with Channel 9 News, it is an honor to work closely with Cincinnati Works. Our desire is for you to join us in celebrating and supporting the impact of this organization in our community.

Founded in 1996 by David and Liane Phillips, Cincinnati Works is a reflection of their heart to help those in need, realizing that helping people find and keep a job is a major step forward toward breaking the cycle of poverty. As an adult encourages, supports and gives a hand to a child learning to walk, Cincinnati Works is nurturing and empowering people by giving them a “hand up” so they can begin to take steps and continue walking.

Hundreds of job-seekers who are under the federal poverty line, are now learning to be economically self-sufficient. Cincinnati Works’ holistic approach offers opportunities to connect with local employers as well as comprehensive support services, which include behavioral counseling, legal advocacy, spiritual support, childcare resources, transportation assistance, financial coaching and lifetime membership.

By providing workshops for job searching and following a solution-focused strategy, Cincinnati Works’ impact continues to grow. Other communities have taken notice of their hundreds of annual employments and are beginning to replicate their program in places such as Houston, Texas, Madison, Indiana and Pensacola, Florida. It is a beautiful sight to see others around the nation joining hands to help those impoverished get on their own feet and really stand.

As many of us have been blessed to be walking on our own, David and Liane also recognize their privileges. They wanted to give back and so do we.

Simply put. . .

Cincinnati Works works!

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