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Have you Thought About Reinventing Yourself?


Some of the Centennial, Inc. Team had the privilege of attending the Northern Kentucky Chamber‘s Annual Women’s Initiative breakfast sponsored by PNC Bank with over 600 leaders – some men, but mostly ladies.  Looking around the room, it was great to see the turn out at this event.  The committee had to have been proud of the growth of this initiative in just 5 years.

We were also inspired by the guest speaker, Dorie Clark, author of “Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future, Reinventing You,” which we received a copy of at the event!  She encourage everyone with these thought provoking statements:

  • How are you reinventing yourself?  “To succeed in today’s competitive job market and build a career that leverages your unique passions and talent, it’s almost certain that at some point you’ll need to reinvent yourself Dorie Clarkprofessionally – and ensure that others recognize the powerful contribution you can make.
  • Adaptability and flexibility are essential skills to have in the workplace today.
  • Learn new things and be better than yesterday.
  • You want other people to see you the way you want to be seen.  Do you have blind spots that you need to discover about yourself?  What do people respect about you?
  • Think deep, figure out what value and unique ideas you can bring.  From Dorie’s book, she says, “Too often outsiders will dismiss your previous experience as irrelevant.  You can show them how your diverse knowledge and skills bring something new to the table, and make you far more effective than anyone else in the room.”
  • Build your pool of mentors – “Sometimes a great mentor may come in an unusual package – a younger colleagueWI3, a querulous boss. Keep and open mind and learn what they have to teach you.”
  • Become a connector – “if you are a connector, you are indispensable.”
  • Be a leader – don’t spread yourself too thin, but go deep where you are.
  • Content creation – “no one will believe you’re serious unless you begin to create content that demonstrates your expertise.  That allows potential customers or employers to test-drive your approach before they make a large commitment.”

Questions from Dorie Clark’s book for discussion:

  • What public figures have personal brands that you admire? Why?
  • Have you reinvented yourself professionally?  In what way?  What was easy, or challenging about the experience?
  • How important do you think social media is for personal branding?  Do you use social media in a professional context?





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