Job Interview – You Should Do a “Drive-by”

Have you ever done a “Drive-By” for a Job Interview?Job Interview Tips


What is your process in preparing for a job interview?


  • Do you research the company’s website and write down questions to ask the interviewer?
  • Do you practice your answers for potential interview questions?
  • Do you decide what you are going to wear before the morning of the interview?
  • Do you reach out to your network to identify if they know people who currently work there or have worked there before?
  • Do you research the company’s culture?
  • Do you reach out to your LinkedIn network to provide valuable information about the company?

Most of these are “Job Search Mechanics 101.”  But what about doing a “drive-by” the day before your interview to make sure you are going to the right location, and be aware of any potential delays such as construction?

Today, we see that many people are relying too heavily on their iPhone or their GPS navigation when it comes to attending a job interview.  Are you old enough to remember the days when we did not have these devices and we had to look up the address online, then print out directions?  Or can you remember even further back when you had to find the address on a map?  Whether it is looking it up on Google, on a physical map, or on your GPS, you should be sure to drive by the day before so that you know where you were headed.

We at Centennial, Inc. recommend you do that today – “drive-by” the day before and during the same time of day so that you are not late for your job interview!  Do not assume the directions are correct until you test it.  It is a competitive marketplace, so think of ways you can have that competitive advantage in every aspect of your job search.

Do you recommend any other preparation tips for a job interview?


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