Executive Development – 10 Ways to Improve as an Executive

Top 10 Executive Development learnings at the Cincinnati/Tri-State ExecuNet:

Executive Development Session

Todd Pfister, Julie Bauke, Mike Sipple Jr

1. The importance of FOCUS – go deeper in 1 or 2 things

2. Have a PLAN you are following, easy to get off track.

3. Have trusted advisors, mentors, accountability group-people around you that keep you on track, that have different perspectives. You don’t have to do anything alone – COLLABORATE

4. The impact of ATTITUDE-when there are bumps in the road, little things can impact you greatly if you don’t watch your attitude.

5. Write down your GOALS – understand what they are.

6. Align yourself with people that you want to be like or people who are already where you want to be. YOU are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

7. ALWAYS be passionately interested in what drives your career.

8. Does your company or the company you are looking at allow you to move around and do what you are best at?

9. BE a person that someone would be proud to introduce to their network.

10. What is your VISION for 2013 and how are you going to get there?



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