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The Greater Cincinnati region is colored with a diverse and wonderful marketplace, ranging from large corporations – like well-known P&G and GE – to franchises like our famous Cincinnati favorite, Skyline Chili.  Amidst the diversity is a unique sector of private and family-owned businesses.  The University of Cincinnati’s Goering Center is the key player and ultimate resource for this particular part of Cincinnati’s marketplace.  Founded by John Goering in the 1980’s after realizing the vast difference between public and private businesses through his experience in his family’s meat-packing business, the Goering Center is the leading center for education and training in a wide array of programs that are particularly pertinent to the local, family-owned, private business.

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Following their mission to educate and nurture family businesses to drive a vibrant economy, the Goering Center is the bridge between families and business, an objective and experienced voice amidst the potential emotions and obstacles that come with relationships outside of the workplace.  Whether they are providing training on succession planning and best practice alignment profiles or creating long-lasting relationships in executive roundtables, the Center is a safe haven, a place where businesses and leaders are able to simply learn and soak up the knowledge and application of their educational endeavors.  This includes a number of different institutes, the Leadership Development Institute, the Next Generation Institute, and the Strategic Business Planning Institute, which are available for members as they continue navigating the waves of the marketplace.

This fall, the Center will be hosting their Next Generation Institute, which is an eight-part program that helps and prepares the path of business transition of control and ownership for both generations involved.  Through interactive presentations and expert seminars, each step of the program is a tool for learning, changing and growing towards the goal of transition in mind.  To find out more about this opportunity connect with Steve Hater at 513-556-7896, or find more information on their website, www.goering.uc.edu.

As a CORE member, Centennial is deeply connected to this mission and vision.  Not only having interest because we are a family-owned firm, but because we believe the Goering Center to be a trusted adviser to our company, our family, and our community.  We applaud and congratulate the Center as a vital breath of fresh air for the continuous growth of Greater Cincinnati’s diverse and vibrant economy.

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