How is Leadership Woven into Your Organization? – Part 3

attracting and retaining top talentPART 3 – Advice for Recruiters and Executive Talent

Randy Pound, spent time talking with Dr. Fred “DocFred” Simkovsky on a recent installment of his Visions of Success Internet talk radio program.

Read on for more highlights from their revealing, in-depth discussion of leadership and long-term success — as well as how they’re evolving in today’s marketplace.

In Part 1, Simkovsky and Pound discussed leadership. In Part 2 they expound upon Centennial’s unique process, sharing their ideas. They ask, “Once you’ve decided on your definition of leadership, how are you going to live it out and make it happen?” Here, in Part 3, they further discuss the previous question as well as providing some tips for executive search candidates.

Advice for leadership and career improvement

Much of Simkovsky’s and Pound’s advice also applies to executives who want to improve or change their careers. What can today’s executives do?

1. Define and understand leadership for yourself.

Identify your own leadership characteristics, and find a definition that appeals to you personally.

2. Sustain the gains.

Come up with a long-term plan about what you want to do in life — and how you’re going to make it happen.

3. Think of the 4Cs (Competence, Character, Culture, Chemistry fit).

Whether you’re updating your resume or responding to an interview question, ask yourself:

  • What am I looking for?
  • What is the competence I have?
  • What kind of culture do I really want to work in?
  • What is the kind of chemistry I’m looking for when I’m dealing with other people?
  • Is my character the kind of character that other people are going to want to be a part of?

4. Find an example a leader we’d want to follow.

Find a mentor, find a coach, or even a relative who’s been successful and who can help you set the example of where you want to go in life.

Why leadership is still golden

“Technology has just sped things up and made it where you can communicate faster, but the essence of leadership is still what it used to be,” Pound says. As other people are falling back on the technology, it’s making true leaders even more valuable.

Pound summarizes his perspectives as a recruiter.

“My clients are not looking for employees, they’re looking for leaders who are self-managers, who can take the initiative to go and figure out what needs to be done — and do it correctly before the competitors do it, and better than the competitors do it,” he says. “And then build in some sort of sustainable competitive advantage so that other people can’t replicate it.

“True leadership today is still golden. It’s as golden as it ever was – maybe more golden than it ever was,” Pound says.

In what ways are you hiring and retaining leaders to build in a sustainable competitive advantage?


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