Leaders: Know Thyself First

Is your leadership trapped and spinning in place?

In the retained executive search business, we are privileged to “come alongside” leaders at various stages in their careers—and in their lives.  Often, it is during an exciting time, when a leader is considering joining one of our client’s C-suite teams.  Or, it might be a time when a leader is wrestling with disappointment– after being passed over for a promotion or not being chosen for that coveted job.  Or, it could be when a leader is dismayed by where they are in their career. Perhaps the leader thought they would have achieved a certain level within a particular time frame (or by an expected age) and the goal is proving elusive.

Leadership Questions for Self-Reflection

Whether it is a time of excitement or frustration, or whether the leader is standing upon the precipice of greatness or at the crossroads of doubt, there are certain questions we encourage them to ask themselves.

  • Do I focus on the things that matter?
  • Is my leadership intentional? (Do I even know what being intentional means?)
  • Am I present and tuned-in? Or am I easily distracted?
  • Am I balanced in my approach to all things in life, not just my career?
  • Do I understand that I must take care of myself before I can take care of my family and my company?

We have found over the years that many times leaders can’t answer even one of these questions. These are the leaders who are trapped, and don’t move forward in their career or life.  Not knowing the answers often makes someone question everything about themselves, not just their leadership.


Lisa May from Fulle, Leaderself’s keynote speaker

Seeing this repeatedly has prompted Centennial to team up with Core Consulting and Orange Financial on an event that will help leaders get on the path to self-discovery that is actually the fulcrum to their ongoing success. Leaderself takes place September 27-28, 2018 at Potter’s Ranch, in southern Cincinnati. At Leaderself, our experts will lead you on the journey toward the answers your need to get “unstuck” in your leadership (or lack of).

Topics include:

The Neuroscience of Fearless Innovation

Authentic Leadership for Maximum Impact

Transforming Worry, Fear and Depression into Opportunities for Success and Growth

The Psychology of Finance

The Conscious Leader

In addition to these compelling topics, there will be time for discussion and quiet reflection.  You will leave Leaderself released from the traps that prevent growth and success. You will be a better, stronger leader, ready to take your career and your life to the next level.

We hope you can join us.  Isn’t your leadership worth the 24-hour investment?

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