Leadership: Senior Leaders want the Freedom to Make a Profitable Impact in Your Organization

Attracting and Maximizing Senior Leadershipleadership

Top leaders want the opportunity to make an impact in an organization.  When you hire senior leadership, you are looking for strong, competent talent.  You hire them with the belief that they have what it takes to grow your organization.  Strong leaders want to prove themselves, but the company culture must afford them the opportunity.  They want to reflect on their time with your organization and see that they have made a difference-to see their stamp of excellence.

A wise leader will evaluate the company culture prior to accepting a senior management position.  Someone stepping into a role of Director, General Manager, or VP will evaluate the culture to determine:

  • Am I able to trust the organization’s current leaders?
  • Will I be viewed as the next “hired guy”; an outsider?
  • Is this the type of company and culture I would be proud to call mine?
  • Will I be given the freedom to make an impact?


How does Company Culture Impact Attracting Top Leadership?

If the interviewing leader does not feel he/she can engage in your organization’s culture, they will not want to invest their talents with you.  If they are to lead the organization forward, they must know they are joining a team that wants and trusts their new leader.

What company wouldn’t want to see this success from their top leaders?  Starting today, establish a company culture that will encourage its top leaders to prosper.


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