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We have been very encouraged by the level of interaction and conversation that takes place in the Leadership & Talent Community on LinkedIn | Centennial Inc. It is critically important to our organization to provide value to our broad community of clients, leaders and friends. This group was formed to do just that and over the past few weeks we realized the group has crossed over the 700 member mark!

THANK YOU for those who have committed to engaging and providing value to others inside this LinkedIn Group. Each quarter we are evaluating those who are creating the most engaging content and are considered ‘Top Influencers’ in this group.


This past quarter we selected Lynne Ruhl and Gerry Preece’s, Three Impossible Promises: The Inspiring True Story of Olympic Gold and How Organization Culture Means Everything* as a gift to those who have been the greatest influencers year to date. John Campbell, Maggie Frye and Gary Mertz – we appreciate your engagement!

We appreciate your interest and engagement in our Leadership and Talent Community!

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