Let’s Connect at Leadercast Live

Learn from Patrick Lencioni - & More!

Leadercast Live is the world’s largest leadership simulcast, broadcast worldwide every year. Thousands of leaders gather together all around the world to view leaders sharing their insight on being a better leader, colleague, and team.

Leadercast Live 2019: Leading Healthy Teams, takes place May 10th. Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (and more) headlines what is certain to be a day full of leadership learning. Centennial is among a team of local organizations hosting a viewing site in Northern Kentucky, at Crossroads Church in Florence.  Early bird tickets are available until April 11, and the price makes it so your entire team can join in an incredible day of learning.

If you have not attended Leadercast before, you might be wondering the types of things you might learn. I thought it might be helpful to share my top 3 learnings from each of last year’s speakers to give you a preview.

Here are some of my “take-aways” from Leadercast 2018:  Leading Yourself.

Michael Hyatt

  1. Thinking you need to hustle more is a fallacy. Instead you need to care for yourself more. Self-care gives you an edge. It is not indulgent. You are simply sharpening the blade. It fuels creativity.
  2. Need a breakthrough? Take a break! You have to rest to be your best.
  3. We always have more tasks than time; there is a ceiling to productive work.

Andy Stanley

  1. Your friends determine the direction and quality of your life. Make sure you surround yourself with those who share similar value systems with you. You may need to disconnect with a friend or two.
  2. You must be truthful with yourself even when the truth makes you feel bad about you. You are a sucker for you. You can sell yourself on any bad idea. You cannot lead yourself well if you lie to yourself.
  3. Don’t opt for the immediate over the ultimate.

Carey Lohrenz

  1. Negative attitude kills your ability to adapt.
  2. If you lose sight, you lose the fight.
  3. When you are enveloped in uncertainty, keep taking action.

Kat Cole

  1. You have permission to change—to evolve and grow.
  2. Set your own definition of success.
  3. Apply the “hot shot rule” to your life: Who would be an upgrade of you? Think about the answer to that question—and adjust accordingly.

Mae Jemison

  1. Don’t doubt. Dare.
  2. Truth is a letter from courage.
  3. Value, corral, and protect your energy. It is hard to tell people no, but you need to reserve your energy for accomplishing your main responsibility. We can tell ourselves “I can do one more thing”, but you can’t give more and have nothing left for your main responsibilities.

Ian Cron

  1. Self-awareness (SA) can be developed.
  2. SA is understanding your personality, who you are, and the effect your personality has on others.
  3. SA also includes regulating your thoughts and actions in real time, and recognizing your impact on others.

Jen Bricker

  1. Our seemingly insignificant choices (to smile, to be kind, to even get out of bed) create big moments.
  2. Every single person is meant to inspire and motivate.
  3. Be real. That is when change happens. Someone will identify with you. People will bond over similar struggles.

We hope your team can join our team in learning at Leadercast Live.  If you are not in the greater Cincinnati region, check here for the closest site.  Then, let’s compare notes!  I would love to hear your insights!

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