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Meredith’s Miracles

Each person has a unique story to tell, a legacy to leave.  Centennial, Inc. admires Meredith’s story and her miraculous legacy that is helping many individuals and families in our Cincinnati community.  Meredith’s Miracles, as a non-profit organization, raises awareness about the symptoms of colon cancer and provides financial assistance to young adults who are fighting the same battle Meredith fought.  As a result, the cancer victims can focus more on beating cancer and less on the everyday stresses of life.  This ensures that young adults are being more proactive with their health and relationships with their doctors.

Mere’s sister, Laura Platt and her parents, Glen and Julie Holbert, started Meredith’s Miracles to continue her sister’s vision of creating a foundation that provides awareness, prevention, and early treatment services that will have a profound, life-saving impact beyond the scope of Meredith’s short life here on the earth.

Amidst more than 45 treatments, Meredith courageously fought cancer, drawing on her faith and relationship with Jesus to truly dream about how she could have an impact on others struggling with this disease.  Although Meredith never saw her dream bloom, Meredith’s Miracles Colon Cancer Foundation is a living legacy of her desire, and its purpose is to pay forward what Mere received from those who were so generous during her journey.  Their mission is two-fold and not only for those in the current struggle, but also to help the younger generation by proactively raising awareness.  Meredith did not know what was going on with her body for a long time, as a 21 year-old female is an unlikely patient.  Her story may have been different if she had been aware.  Thus, Meredith’s Miracles reaches out to high school and college students through speaking engagements with the message of “taking charge of your own health.”  Julie Holbert on the Meredith’s Miracles team coordinates these events and would love to connect with any organization interested in scheduling a speaking engagement. You can reach the organization at

The presence of Meredith’s Miracles in our community contributes to “the ripple effect” by encouraging doctors not to rule out a cancer diagnosis due to a young age, easing the financial burden of extended family members who may be helping to cover expenses for the colon cancer victims, creating a sense of community among volunteers, and working with social workers by providing real, tangible assistance to their clients such as with rent, utilities, and transportation costs.  Through their efforts, Meredith’s Miracles is able to provide essential background support to many who are facing eviction or utility disconnection and have no other place to turn, due to the lack of other organizations offering help to the younger generation struggling with colon cancer.

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As Meredith’s Miracles is saving lives and promoting a community of health and wellness, the foundation hosts exciting events to further their cause.  As the pictures above illustrate, the MMCCF Golf Outing held earlier this summer was a huge success.  They raised more than $12,000 and a good time was had by all.

For more information, visit Meredith’s Miracles website at or donate online here.

Our community is a combination of different individuals with different stories.  We all want to make an impact.  Meredith‘s Miracles is writing a new story by remembering Mere’s dream and creating a legacy.  It’s a beautiful thing to see. Be a part of her story, her dream and her legacy.

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