Scaling A Business with Robin Throckmorton

This week Mike is back and he is talking to Robin Throckmorton about being an entrepreneur.  If you own a business you don’t want to miss this one. Robin is the Founder and President of Strategic HR.  She shares her insights and lessons learned about starting as a solo-prenuer, and how she scaled her business to 18 employees.

Listen to the episode now:

Robin shares:

  • How she got the guts to go out on her own to have flexibility as a young professional and a new mom (6:20)
  • The gender and age bias she faced and what she did to build credibility (9:35)
  • How she reacted to someone telling her his client wouldn’t work with her because she is female and too young (10:25)

Robin did not let discrimination set her back.  In fact, she says, it pushed her to get involved with more leadership programs centered around empowering women. (12:18)

Mike and Robin discuss the challenges of scaling a business, and share these tips:

  • How to find the right advisors (19:04)
  • How to let go of control (20:40)
  • The book and the team building activity that transformed her business (21:35)

Mike and Robin then switch gears to discuss the challenges of finding balance as a leader of a business.  Listen to get tips on how they maintain the fine line of balancing work and life well. (23:00)



Robin Throckmorton

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