Success That Got You Here, Could Very Well Get You There

Sometimes success doesn't need to be tweaked

There are so many conversations that we have each and every week that center on the idea that what got you here will not get you there.  However, I’d like to shake things up a bit and declare that, in regards to talent, what got you here might very well take you there. When business is going well, there is often the feeling that if “something” is tweaked, the results could be even greater.  Mmmm. Maybe. But actually, it’s typically best not to mess with success – especially when it comes to your team.

If you have created a high performing team, continue to invest in your people rather than look for “greener grass.” The top talent, internal and external, that is enabling you to reach new heights and achieve great success, could be the talent that will realize your long-term success.  If you need to add to this a dream-realization team, hire people with your future state in mind. That team can be independent from those you work with day-to-day.

Planning for Greatnesssuccessful team

At Centennial, we have the pleasure of working with many forward-thinking executives.  It is our mission to help their organizations achieve their growth story.

When we meet with organizational leaders at the start of a consulting engagement or executive search, we ask a lot of questions– because we care. We care about the current state and the desired state. We care about your visions, struggles, obstacles and the long-term goals that will define success. We want to deliver a solution that enhances your success.

The more we learn about your vision and the 5-to-10-year plan, the better we can come alongside you to bring your dream to fruition.  We’re not seeking a transaction when we lead an engagement or executive search, we’re seeking long-term, sustainable success. That should be your mindset as you evaluate your internal and external talent as well.

Your External, All-Star Team

The talent that will bring you long-term success includes outside sources and partners.  This talent could include advisors, mentors, board members, or consultants.  If things are going extremely well, stay the course and continue with the team you have, internally and externally.

The level of intellectual horsepower that you build in long-term relationships is something that cannot be easily replaced. This is all, of course, assuming that the value that has been brought to you has helped you achieve goals greater than imagined. Value those leaders, respect those leaders, invest in those leaders.

It is an honor of ours to work with executives who have this type of mentality. Executives who value the relationship that got them where they are today. They see their partners’ integral role in their future, to help them get where they want to be tomorrow. They invest in their partners and their partners invest in them. They seek ways to make each other stronger as, “rising tides lift all boats.”

Be Sure Your Internal and External Partners Know Your Vision

Internal and external talent both need to have a clear vision of where you are headed. They need to know your strategic plan, the targets you are striving to hit, and the direction you are moving. They need to understand your obstacles, personal and professional goals, and your expectations. The more transparent and clear communication is, the more effective any talent will be in helping you achieve your next chapter of success.

Provide clear feedback, provide areas of improvement, and share your needs and desires. Trust your partners and let them rise to the occasion.  Do not lose sight of what got you here. It just may help you get there as well. Always seek ways to further engage internal and external talent.

Know Your Core Values and Stay the Course

Many businesses talk about their core values, and when companies drift from their core, it can be the start of their demise. Focus on your core, invest in your core, and keep your internal and external team strong.

Sometimes derailment comes when you shake things up too much and people lose sight of what’s trying to be achieved.  Keeping your focus on retaining the right talent is just as critical as evaluating future talent.

Do You Have Who You Need to Succeed?

One of the greatest characteristics of a high-performing leader is emotional intelligence. Part of emotional intelligence is the ability to see around the next corner. You need the right partners, internally and externally, to help you see around the corner. The advisors who will be transparent and real with you. The partners who have the experience to bring you the intelligence you need before you need it.

If you are extremely pleased with where you are, double down on what got you there and stay the course. Surround yourself with people who care about your future as much as you do — or people who see greater potential in you than you do. Share feedback. Listen to their observations, ideals and recommendations. Set expectations and goals. Allow for open and transparent conversation.

What are you doing to invest in your internal and external talent? We would be happy to share with you what we have found to be most helpful for our clients.

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