Are Small Businesses Actually More Important to Society Than Big Ones with Luke Dooley

Discover Luke Dooley‘s insightful perspective on the impact of the entrepreneur.
In this Talent Magnet Institute Podcast episode, Mike talks to Luke Dooley about the challenges of being a successful entrepreneur and how to navigate life as a business owner successfully.

Luke is the President of OCEAN Programs. Through their events, training, accelerator, and tribe, OCEAN Programs teaches, mentors, and invests in entrepreneurs who have faith in God and a passion for success. The 5th Annual OCEAN Conference, an event that brings entrepreneurs together for faith, connection, and learning, will be held on October 11 and 12, 2019.
Mike and Luke discuss the bravery element of entrepreneurship.  You will learn: 
  • The 1 thing that the entrepreneur must have to succeed.  (2:30) 
  • The key impact entrepreneurs almost never consider when going into business (3:32)
  • How entrepreneurs are changing the status quo in work and the world (5:02)
  • The 4 elements needed to stay excited about work and avoid burnout (26:50)
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This intimate conversation gets to the heart of what being an entrepreneur means for them on a bigger scale.  Both being entrepreneurs, they share their insights, struggles and lessons learned.  If you have your own business or are thinking about starting one, listen in for Mike and Luke’s insights on:
  • How to reframe failure when it happens (31:40)
  • The definition of working from “a place of rest” and how that isn’t as counterintuitive as it sounds (20:18)
  • What “tools” to carry with you as a leader, and what to let go of (16:25)
  • Why you should get excited about being an entrepreneur despite the challenges you face (34:57)

OCEAN offers training for entrepreneurs that is different from other business training. In addition to tactical training, OCEAN provides opportunities to connect, learn, and integrate the hearts of emerging entrepreneurial leaders so they don’t get trapped in isolation that often happens with business owners.
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