The Surprising Power Of Film Production: Lessons for leaders of business from Executive Director, Film Cincinnati Kristen Schlotman

This week’s episode our guest host, Jessica Baron, Executive VP of Talent Search for Centennial Inc (Talent Magnet Institute’s parent company) conducts an engaging discussion with Kristen Schlotman, the Executive Director of Film Cincinnati.  

Jessica and Kristen share interesting stories of movie stars and movie sets to be sure, however, the lessons to be learned for leaders in this discussion are woven in.  You will learn: 

  • How a midwestern city can become one of the biggest destinations for filmmaking and its economic impact (6:44)
  • How to develop a win-win opportunity even when the legislature is involved (9:18)
  • How flexibility in business thinking creates even more opportunities and opens doors (especially when deals fall through) (12:25)

You’ll also hear some fascinating stories on and off the set like: 

  • The powerful experience Kristen has had working with directors like Don Cheadle and Emilio Estevez in their “zone” (19:47)
  • Kristen’s quote from Cate Blanchett about Cincinnati (21:19)
  • Ewan McGregor’s first-ever major league baseball game (22:00)

The most interesting parts of this episode are the relevant and universal lessons about business such as: 

  • How to retain talent and build value in your location, especially when bigger cities seem to call away all your best candidates (28:30)
  • The art of attracting recent grads as well as world-renowned cinematographers (26:24)
  • Kristen’s #1 leadership lesson for any business leader listening (40:00).

This episode will surprise you.  Be sure to listen, and then share comments about your biggest take-aways.


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