Embracing Ambiguity in Your Career with Myrita Craig

Ambiguity gives you more power as a leader. There is disruption happening in every industry. Talent and innovation are the new currency.

Telling someone to embrace the ambiguity in their career doesn’t sound like good advice, nor something a person would want to do. According to the ‘Queen of Ambiguity,’ Myrita Craig, it’s actually a great idea. Myrita, AVP of the Office of Innovation – Strategic Partnerships at the 1819 Innovation Hub, shares how she earned the title and why she leans into ambiguity. It began with a company that you know well where she helped develop the first automated bridal registry system.

Ambiguity Gives You Power

When you go into a situation without knowing anything, you are empowered to ask questions and learn from the people who do know. Learning from others is a fantastic way to exercise an open mind, and make innovations where they haven’t been made before. More importantly, to look at a system holistically. Myrita shares the story of stepping into a situation with no funding, no plan, but a passion for helping women leaders.

Agenda 360

What happens when you have an ambiguity wrapped in another ambiguity? Myrita took on a large, unpopular program that was more of a vision of regional prosperity called Agenda 360. One of the major lessons Myrita learned when working with disparate teams and many ideas for how it should work was the importance of looking at best practices. She talks us through the other lessons she learned while making the program a huge success, including getting people on the same page.

Getting Others Onboard

It’s hard to rally a team when you lack certainty and frameworks. One thing you absolutely MUST have is transparency. Myrita shares how she approaches her team whenever she takes on a project where things aren’t clear. Regardless of what the project is, people need to see themselves as part of the process. It’s also an opportunity for others to opt themselves out.

Creative Collisions

Sometimes the best ideas come from the craziest sources. Myrita shares why she often puts herself in different situations with people she might not normally come in contact with. Diverse ideas, age differences, gender, professional fields, and more: differences provide people with colliding ideas that, in fact, lead to ultimate creativity.

Talent is the Name of the Game


Part of what Myrita does is to help create a place for innovation and a talent pipeline for students to find businesses where they can start

their careers. It’s called the Innovation Hub and Myrita believes that innovation is the new currency. She explains why it will be difficult to compete regionally unless you focus on innovation and talent. And what’s more ambiguous that innovation or developing talent? Disruption, and without a doubt, there is disruption happening in every industry. You have to be willing to embrace it.

Lead Well

When you lead a team or an organization and have countless responsibilities to attend to, it’s easy to forget about taking care of yourself. There are three pillars of personal care that will make YOU a better leader. Find out what they are, and how to work them into your busy schedule.


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