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The right person in the wrong place feels like the wrong person

In this week’s episode of the Talent Magnet Institute, Janelle Spence and Christine Lewis talk about one of the most interesting leadership events of the year. Janelle Spence is the marketing director of Centennial Talent strategy and Executive Search. Christine Lewis is the executive assistant to our usual host, Mike Sipple Jr. Today, they’re talking about Leadercast and sharing their thoughts about some of the guests from this year’s events. 

Leadercast is the world’s largest one-day leadership event. It’s broadcast out of Atlanta, but leaders all over the world can tune in and listen. Centennial has been involved for eleven years because the Leadercast themes and priorities are so closely aligned with the Centennial values of creating leaders worth following. 

Attending a Leadercast

What is it like to attend a Leadercast? It can be a huge amount of fun – aside from being professionally valuable. The theme of the 2019 Leadercast was Leading Healthy Teams, and one of the key speakers was Andy Stanley, who talked about what it takes for a team to be successful. He encouraged leaders to work with doers over thinkers – doers are necessary on teams so that ideas and plans actually get accomplished!

He also talks about making sure the people you have performing different roles are actually good fits for those roles. Mis-matching someone’s ability and interests with their job is unpleasant and ineffective for everyone. 

Dr. Caroline Leaf – a neurosurgeon who makes you feel smarter just for listening to her.

She says that the mind and the brain are not the same thing, but she talks about how they are different entities, and you need to take care of them differently. You need to think, feel and choose – those are the things that create your actions and your responses. 

Ginger Hardage is the former Senior VP of Culture and Communications with Southwest airlines. She talked about how important it is to make work something that is fun and enjoyable instead of constantly just having your nose to the grindstone.  Something Centennial says is that you’re going to have a culture at your workplace – it’s up to leadership what kind of culture that’s going to be. She says that the lie people believe is that culture is someone else’s job.

Another wonderful guest was Carla Harris – Janelle suggests that if you ever have the chance to see her speak – take it! Christine points out that Carla is an emerging leader – she is the VP of wealth management and Senior Advisor at Morgan Stanley. She’s authored 2 books, and at Leadercast, shared many insights about what she’s learned over her career. One of these is the ‘meeting before the meeting’ – the little conversations that happen before a more structured meeting. ‘Fear has no place in your success equation’

This was just a handful of the exciting guests who presented at Leadercast 2019 – the event pulls the best and brightest from around the world to share their thoughts on what’s happening in leadership. 

Upcoming Leadercast?

Janelle talks about what is going to be happening at the 2020 Leadercast. Thursday, May 7th – and the theme will be Positive Disruptions. Change doesn’t always feel good, but it can be extremely valuable. Christine notes that Leadercast does a great job shining a lot of light on the new and critical issues of the day. When you attend, you leave with much greater clarity on these vital topics.

Why Should Leaders Attend?

A day is a big investment, and while you may not be able to give your accountant a list of the benefits, it’s important to get inspired, get refreshed and gain new insight for your team and your company. When you can attend WITH a team, you also get the benefit of a unifying experience, and because it’s different than a normal day, it’s a good way to focus and get out of the weeds. Learning together, of course, is a great way to improve and enhance company culture. 

Head over to Leadercast and look for a host site near you!

Ellen Lewis guest produces the show today as part of a high school internship program.


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