Video Interview Preparation – 15 Must Have Suggestions

We at Centennial have conducted many video interviews and we wanted to share some practical tips you should apply when having this type of interview:

Skype Interview

  • Be aware of what is in the background! Your background should be professional.  Your interviewer really doesn’t want to see your bedroom sheets, breakfast plates, clutter or something like an inappropriate poster.
  • Your Skype name, just like your email, should be professional.  Beachbaby.1 or partyanimal would not be considered professional Skype names.   If you need to share your Skype account with other family members use your sur name.  When possible have separate accounts.  When an interviewer is prepared to interview Patricia Smith and receives an invite from Robert Smith confusion can ensue.
  • Your Skype profile picture should be professional.  Make sure that you have a photo much like you would have on LinkedIn.
  • Send an invitation to connect over Skype 24-hours prior to the interview time, unless otherwise instructed by the interviewer.  Your invitation to connect should be professional and personal, not the template provided by Skype.
  • Wear professional attire while you are interviewing, remember this is an official interview, do not treat it casually.
  • Smile! Your attitude over the computer is as important as your attitude in a face-to-face interview.
  • Do not sit too close to the screen – situate yourself in a position where the interviewer can see your shoulders and face in the shot.
  • Make sure you sit still and that you do not rock back and forth or seem fidgety – remember the camera captures everything you do.
  • The best lighting should be in front of you and not behind you – this will ensure that the interviewers can see you clearly.
  • Use a headset with a microphone instead of relying on the computers microphone – this will ensure they hear you clearly.
  • Watch the noises.  Close email, and other programs that will beep during your interview and cause a distraction.
  • Silence your cell phone or home phone so that it does not ring during your interview.
  • Have a backup plan in the event that the video conference freezes or is not working, let them know that if it does, you will call them from a particular number to finish as a teleconference.
  • Be sure you have a 50/50 blend of you talking and listening – this goes for any interview you are in.
  • PRACTICE using the video conferencing technology BEFORE your scheduled interview.  Do not be perceived as a “Skype Rookie.”  Companies are looking for modern, educated leadership talent.  Being familiar with current technology is one important indication that your skills are modern.

What are some other tips you feel should be applied when having a video interview?

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