Resume Tips: What will help get me noticed?

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Many people want to know, “What are the most effective resume tips that will help get me noticed?”  We offer the following tips to help your resume stand out.

The biggest mistake that job seekers make with their resume is that they list their duties and responsibilities for the positions they’ve held throughout their career.  Instead, you should be detailing your accomplishments.  It doesn’t matter what you did, as much as it matters that you achieved results doing it.

Be sure to include keywords that are also listed in the job posting.  Many companies today are using automated scanners for resumes, and they’re looking for specific words.  Try to leverage their same language in your resume.

If you’re able to include a cover letter, it can be an effective extension of your resume.  There, you can drill down into detailed reasons why you’re a good fit for the position.  The cover letter MUST be tailored for the specific job opportunity – a standard “form” cover letter is the kiss of death.

Share your top tips and recommendations of writing effective resumes…what resume tips have you learned over the years?

Do you want expert help?  Nelly Grinfeld is a Nationally Certified Resume Writer and Certified Employment Interview Consultant. Nelly works with motivated professionals from all industries and at all career levels to create powerful resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, as well as to prepare job seekers to excel at their next job interview. If you are interested in her services, please contact her here.


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