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Centennial Names Marcus Gardner as President

Centennial Executive Search announces the promotion of Marcus Gardner from Chief Growth Officer to President.  Gardner joined Centennial earlier in 2021 at Chief Growth Officer and has repeatedly proven his strategic prowess and strong discernment for business growth and vision.  He joined Centennial with a lengthy history of delivering results by caring for and empowering people to do their best.  These traits continue to be pillars of his leadership, which make him an obvious choice for assuming the role of President at Centennial.

Centennial is a family business, established in 1975, and owned by Mike and Susan Sipple and Mike Sipple Jr. Together, the Sipples have been on a succession journey to ensure the on-going success of their executive search business. This journey really got started in 2008, when Mike Sr. and Mike Jr. enrolled in the Goering Center’s program, Next Generation Institute. Through this incredible and thorough succession program Mike Jr. and Mike Sr. were able to evaluate their future and determine what was best for the business AND their families.

The Sipples recognize and fully embrace the fact that you need great support and resources to have a healthy succession.  Mike Sipple Jr. states it plainly, “Going at it alone is not the recipe for success.”  The Sipples have seen the results of good successions and very poor successions.  There was no doubt that a program like the one the Goering Center offers was the only way to come through the process without creating great pain for the family and business.

Mike Sipple Jr., CEO

Along with the Goering Center, many Centennial team members have played a huge role in the support and forward momentum of this succession. Many employees have stepped into greater leadership roles and new people were added to secure an outstanding team that is unified in their vision for the future.

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